stealth 20's

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same here, i didnt cop because i was waiting for the ice blue tens, and didnt find out they had been pushed back until the xx's were sold out. i thinkthese were the last pair of og jay's to sell out here in md
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well i know ive alreay jumped on this post but i still see that its goin on,,

my point of view is your right jordanb1989,,i agreed with you from the start,,but remeber how they say,, "all air-jordans are ahead of their time"well thats exactly wat happened here,,the XVI-XX2`s are all ahead of their time,,ok lets put it like this,,its 1990 and the air-jordan V`s just dropped,,werelike WOW??
wat are those we aint never seen nothin like this before!!!
rubber soles crazy colorways,,
but now at this point in time,,we dont think about it like that,,we act like weve seen crazier,,cuz we have,, were living in the time where shoes like3`s-XIV`s arent ahead in their time,,were living in their time period,,maybe in 2012 or somethin like that,,we`ll be living in the more high-tech time periodthats were the XVI`s-XX3`S start to retro and well be living in the time period where all jordans are in the right set of time,,hard to explain but if you tryand get it you might understand,,

i own several pairs of the XIX`s,,i got stealth XX`s,,black/silver XXI`s,,their all beautiful shoes,,but once again,,their all ahead of their time,, in acouple more years,,they`ll be just as hot as the xi`s,,xii`s,,xiii`s
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Originally Posted by Dunks r nice

never really liked the XX's at all.

Quote: [hr][/hr] Red Suede XXI's >> Stealth XX's... [hr][/hr]

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Originally Posted by jordanb1989

I dont know about you guys... but in my opinion the last couple years as the 19, 20,21,and 22's have came out they havent been the hottest shoes compared to the 11,12, and 13's for example. But IMO the stealth 20's have been one of the best colorways ever.. From the ones who own these, whats your opinion on this shoe?
This is nothing to me.. difficult takes a day impossible takes a week.
I agree.

Since the XIVs, the Air Jordan line has delivered very few "top of the line," "luxurious," "Jordan-esque" shoes to carry on thebrand.

The exceptions (in my opinion) are the XVII (17), XX (20) and XXI (21).
- The XVII had the classic Jordan aesthetic; Clean lines, innovative features. And it didn't hurt that the man actually donned them during his secondcomeback.
- With the XX: Tinker nailed it. Innovation, classic lines and a nod to the futures. The stealth colorway is clearly the flagship of the XX... those willbecome classics.
- And the XXI clearly wasn't the best Jordan ever, but I think the OG colorway came closest to capturing that Jordan aesthetic from the XI-XIV years.Undeniably "Air Jordan."

... just sayin...

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I love these kicks.

I wouldn't mind another 11.5 in my arsenal.

I got molested on the price that I paid for them because I slept and I couldn't find them anywhere else.

They were alright to me at first then my boy bought them and I was like damn, sold from there on.
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The Stealths sold out so quick that by the time I got to the store they were gone. I got my midwest versions of the XXI's though.
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Glad at got ma pair...since I rep SoCal...I picked up the West Edition too...might rock em tomorrow..
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