STEEL CITY (Pittsburgh) NT'ers STAND UP!!!

Mar 14, 2006
Now I aint from Pittsburgh, Im from Star City (Harrisburg) but Im in Pittsburgh most of the time at school. I peep how every other city and college be on here heavy spreadin info and what not about they neck of the woodz. I feel as though its about time we get on here, and keep keepin on, u nah mean? ANY info. look outs and what not you can post, spread it, those who receive the info. throw a "good look _____" in there to let em know they presence is felt and appreciated. Is that so much to ask for? Shout out to my boyo Mr. Pittsburgh, you already know what it is Brah......
what's good NT my first post i've been reading for a while. but yeah i'm not from pittsburgh either i just go to school here at Duquesne. i'm actually from reading, pa. still got love for pittsburgh though. i was wondering if you knew any spots in town that carry sb dunks and might be getting the dinosaur jr.s tomorrow. holla at me.
Congrats on ya first post Brah. But I really don't know since I don't wear Dunks. I would suggest callin around to Sneaker Villa (Downtown and East Lib.) or Journey at one of the malls cause I know they carry SB Dunks there from what I've seen.
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aight good look i checked sneaker villa and journey's but i don't think they're gettin em. time bomb on the other hand said that they're supposed to get them they just haven't yet and don't know when they're going to. but good lookin on the suggestions i didn't even know about time bomb.
Anybody know whats good with the Penny Foams in the Steel City. I can't find then joints anywhere...
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^^^^^ I was thinkin the same thing, I would cop a pair, they mad fresh. I would assume Da Villa or maybe Aces in East Lib would get em. I heard that there was an all Black pair droppin in August w/o the swoosh. So I'll probably wait and get those.
YOOO BLACC!!!! good looks on the shot out my dude lol...but yea man check out Journeys S.Villa or Ace and David's....swing down to TNT Fashions 2 over in "The Villa of East Side" thats a sleeper store....they get stuff u think thye wouldnt and it sits on the shelf....i remember they got the Serious Hoodies and was sellin for 130 and no one knew....they get exclusive colors of AFs and Dunks idk i think because they are Asian...but they are 100% legit there and u should check em out....they have mad older colorways to of not only dunks but shoes that u may have thought sold out...i def always see some type of shoe in there that i slept on....but check em out AND HIT UP THE PAGE!!!!
You already know what it is man. We gon have to get together when them BMP's drop and chill b4 we cop. but I know what you mean about sleeper stores, we got a couple of those back in Star City, so I def gotta check em out when I get the time.

Burgh here, and i cant stand it for kicks, every store is shady, villa is never getting another penny from me, ill stick to my connections in other states and online shops.
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always wanted- older nike dunk sb's size 12-13
^^^ I feel you, Da Villa is terrible. Ace's need to step they game up, they'll clean up big time from all the ppl Da Villa screws That just my opinion though
yeah, villa is @#%$ up...i think they'll shut down soon. But eyo subliminal, I go to timebomb/villa a ****load, how come i never see you?
You're actually reading my sig too! LOL isn't that funny how I wasted your time???

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Yo, does anybody know if a store still has the Mychal Thompsons? I slept on em and wanna get em before it's too late.....But it might be already
ACE is more of an "insider store"...they get ALOT of shoes u wouldnt expect but they throw the RD policy out the window...a jordan can come out a week later and its already on the shelves of bein sold....they dont like hype at all...dmps....grapes...everything sold at least a week and a half early...u gotta KNOW someone pretty much...not shady...but u gotta just walk in one day and see something....dont necessarily count on release dates...go in...ask around...get your face known and you could do well...well thats for any store really

Anybody got the price for the Cool Grey III's this Saturday? they $135 retail so how much yall think Shiesty Villa gon bump em up too? and is Ace's gettin em?
I would like 2 kno the same thing. "Shiesty" Villa will probably bump the price 2 $150. I ain't even tryin 2 mess wit them but I do want those CG III's tho.
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^^^ I'll have to see this in order to believe it. from what Pablo said, $150 is not bad, $160+ is too much. But we'll see. Where erybody coppin from? I MIGHT catch the midnight release from Downtown if they have one.
If I miss the midnight release at Da Villa d-town I'll see you out there Pablo assumin you mean East Lib.
wow subliminals...i havent seen you on here in a good minute man!

so anyone ever spot the foams or what???????

im trying to keep an ear out for my boy that wants them but works too much to go out huntin for'em.
Ok good looks Mr Subliminals now I won't waste my time. Guess I'll see all those who coppin at Da Villa in East Lib unless Ace's are gettin em. I was wonderin the same thing about the foams though I aint seen anybody wit em.
i saw the CG's in person the other day, i cant mess with'em...i ordered a pair of am1's instead. but ya'll have fun down there at shady @#%$
Yeah guys, I've been on my Foamposite grind and have come up with nothing. I called Finishline and they said no other FLs or FAs got them. Also i've been calling SV in East Liberty and Dowtown on a regular basis and have come up with nothing. Ace's in East Lib told me they weren't getting them, I called back 2 weeks later and dude said they got them and already sold them so I dunno.
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