Stock Exchange DC November 2007

Jun 12, 2007
We Are Starting Early.
November 2007, twice as much space and twice as much fun.
check out for the attendance... these people are comin to buy kicks and we didn't have enough, they want more!

For Sneaker Resellers:
Half Table (2ft wide x 3ft long + space behind/under table) - $50
Full table (2ft wide x 6ft long + space behind/under table) -$100

I want a good solid turnout for sneaker buyers.

We will also need some event staff.
we are looking for about 5 trust-worthy, hardworking people who would like to be interns for the Stock Exchange DC office.

If you are a brand, store or garments developer please inquire via email or stay tuned.

that's it for now.
It's always good practice to put the "50 cent" ego to the side and PM a mod, asking him nicely for a sticky...

But I can tell you, its too early for you to get a sticky bra...

Sorry, I'll wait for "Rockdeep" to post that!

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after looking at the pics from the one that just passed, im mad i did not make more of an effort to attend. it looked like a good time was had by most of the attendees.
i had to miss the last one soo im lookin forward to this one
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Can you please send me some info on the event staff openings. Check your inbox.

Everyday Pple will be in the building.
Sig check...
Not to even mention dude just took y'all for bad.

Post on NT for HIS EVENT only, get his dow, and now GHOST.

Y'all hypebeast.

Can't see through a zip lock bag.........................................

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It's novaballer's fault.

"hazel"...That's the Official Name for Kev
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Why is TRUTH :smh:

Dream Team of MD/DC/VA - We are RESPECTED for a reason...
'TeePeso,' 'Destination Kicks,' DCShoeDon,' 'JaywhYeNeX,' 'Importking,' 'DCshoechick,' 'Scott Scotch,' 'rudolph1996,' '7hillz,' 'MyTSharp'​
well let me clarify...your truth is harsh to me.

people are extremely protective of this "space" because of the amount of time put in. i understand that, but some people are turned off by the groups in here.

i know diceone outside of this space, and he is a friend, and i will support him. regardless of the frequency of his posting in this space.

i see through the plastic bag, i'm just not in one.
B, one thing that you have to rememebr is that back when the 1st DC.S.E. was over, Sean aka "diceone" made some pretty odd captions for the event pics.

Most people in here from what I recall, I included, felt like that was a bit unfair to dog-out the people that just patronized your event. When there is a HOFE event, you guys don't post pictures on the web with captions that diss the people that came out to support...

I think diceone is a cool dude as well...but I think he made a bad decision that one time...and as they say, and it's somehting that holds true...

"The First Impression, is the ONLY Impression"

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dude i hear you, but people on here are hypocritical as hell....

there are tons of post of people calling someone a hypebeast, and talkin' bout how they dress. he did the same thing. cause his humor is different then yours why charge him so harshly. by the end of that post he expressed his point, and said he got too caught up. dude said he went a bit to hard (nh). is that not could enough?

"i dont do alot of colors cause i'm not a yung'n..."

everyone got preferences, and they express them.
Diceone presented himself in an abrassive manner when he first came through here and a few us questioned him when he posted pics of his event and clowned some of the very people that came out to support it.

After a little backwards and forwards there was a point where it was all peace.

Then I guess he got tired of posting here.


Blaque, you make a good point. But the difference is that they were a customer of his. Is it ever good business to clown the people that are paying money for what you are selling? eaches own on that. but it doesn't come across as being a genuine "watch out" when everyone has/does do the same thing. the pot calling the kettle a hypebeast.

cause he had an event, and did it doesn't make it that much better or worst to me....(personally i wouldn't do it, and me and diceone talked about it after it happened). if people disagree with the idea of talking candidly about someones clothing/style then cool.......just dont ever do it cause your a hypocrite if you do.
B, I do recall diceone realizing what had gone one...but I just had to reintroduce that so you can see where "Hazel" MAY have been coming from....I cn't speak for him cuz I aint him...but I know for a fact that sometimes, that first impression is burned into a person's memory bank and it takes a while to erase that. With diceone being a seldom-poster...all people may rememebr was the Stock Exchange instance.

If that makes sense...
Sig check...

As usual, people want to take things personal, due to friendships, etc.


Reality has nothing to do with emotions, what you do or know personally, how you feel. it's what was represented. It's the facts.

And fact is, I'm soooooooooooooo tired of people getting their panties in a bunch everytime I speak.

However, your "friend" was the main one bragging about the $$$ he made via, etc. Let alone a THREAT I received via ezbox from your so called "friend," but again, I'm falling back. Again, I know when I'm dealing with emotional clowns, so (thankfully for him) no offense was taken on my part.

I'll continue to be me.

It's gotten me further ahead than pushed back.

Either way...

The fact is...

Your "friend" has been GHOST.

Which proves, he's nothing more than the average "user" of Niketalk. Free of charge.

You take it personal, check yourself.

I stick to the facts.

Dream Team of MD/DC/VA - We are RESPECTED for a reason...
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Like LaVan said, I think it came down to perception and the perception seemed to be that he was @#%$-ing on the people who helped make his event a success. Or basically arrogance.

But again, we all (maybe just some of us) got a better understanding and were able to K.I.M.

There is also the fact that you are friends, so you had a better understanding of where he was coming from. Some of us could only take what we saw posted for the face value. It's like OMD's post about B-More. We hung out in B-More so I understood where he was coming from. But I don't think Harm City and Sneakermane were wrong for taking it the way they did.

All in all, I was planning on attending to support and see what it was for myself. So if it pops and my schedule permits, I'll be there. Tell him to make it happen!
its my fault becuase i asked a question!!?

but you are the one that said you are goin to be in the building!? ..... but thats my fault...
im sure you can look at the date bro...
i had a question... so the post got bumped.
but tahts my fault.
panties in a bunch...hmmmm.....not so much. but when you make statements about my pov of my "friends" then i will clairfy for you. cause you are speaking bout "your" view, and not "my' view.

i placed a comment saying i will support another stock exchange, and you went into the...hypebeast, and seeing out of the zip lock comment. you didn't call out a receiver before you threw the pass so i went up to catch it cause i was one of the only people on the field. i'm cool as a fan bout this issue, but provide me the same that you ask for. your providing your truth with the facts you have. i do the same.

it's a discussion bout points of view. if you believe you pov is above reproach, and above questioning without someone being "upset" then you have only dealt with some high-strung people. i discuss, and debate, and leave it at that. if your unable cool beans.

i'm easy as sunday morning (nh) not bunching
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