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Originally Posted by zs05wc

zs...u gonna love those Campers everytime u open the box...and wear em
I already do, I'm actually gonna wear them to the bar tonight.

I am jealous. I see all sorts of sizes going for descent prices, but I am yet to find a pair of size 11.0.


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Originally Posted by 7 Paul 7

The thing with Dre is that he doesn't need to sell shoes from his personal collection, so if you are to tempt him into letting shoes go you have to pay steep prices and wait a long time, but if he has a few of your grails its worth the time and money I guess.

Fiend I agree I think the 1thology site is a bit of a mess, they're quite a few shoes with the wrong colour ways which is down to most of them being photo shops. I think the people on here would do a much better job, that could also be said with the horrible top 100 that was chosen.

Here are the goldenrods younggunna28 finding a DS pair is pretty difficult.

Paul those are amazing...I know there has been a lot of recent hype over jewels and stuff after they initially sat on shelves (atleast in my area) but Ihave been after these and mean green jewel mids for a minute. I had both of these back when they first dropped and wore them to death. Than my mom decided to"donate" a bunch of old clothes and "beat up" shoes while I was at school. I would have gladly donated somethin else I didn't wear butnot my jewels. I remember when I first got the goldenrods everyone in my family was like
haha but I didn't care at all. Maybe one day i'll locate a pair in asize 8.5 cough cough
Anyway great stuff guys. Lets see some more heat,atmos and linens are dope but enough of the same stuff!
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Thanks to the dude who posted about the RIF sale. Copped these sz 8.5 ds for $285 shipped:smile: Been wanting these for a long time in sz 7-8, but I couldn'tpass up this deal!

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I think they came out around 2004(?) WMNS Inside Out release
If you ever find them...they are not expensive...bought mine for like $35 , 3 years ago
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^ far as i know they never released in the us
i know they did in canada tho
there womens
couple years back 04 maybe

wore these last couple days



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hey team, im selling some shoes still. jewels, orcas, georgetown highs, bumblebee mids, sheeds, and bobbitos. sizes 9-10.5. pm me please
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MarkE McFly, those women's lows are

prym, killing it as usual.

shawn504, if those are a 9.5 or 10 I'm going to be very jealous.

Today for rainy NYC weather.

Newest Pickups.

"I Love AF1" hat thanks to a link from I Love AF1. Thanks again man, I've been looking for one of these for a loooong time.

wheats from ebay

Terminator Mids from the RIF sale and imaginary Independence AF1 Jewel Mids also from the RIF sale
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Prym, please don't wave them canvas joints in my face

jvhoop, very nice pickups!
And Paul, those Goldenrod jewels and 3M mids are just beautifull!
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jvhoops nice pick ups and sorry about the indy mids yo. but happened to your bobbito hi does it get like that when it gets wet
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Nice pickups JV, glad I could help you out.

Nice kicks Prym.

shawn504, nice EU lows. I regret not bidding on those

ecentrixx nice Atmos
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