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can anyone help with the leather flaking issue?

is there any kind of oil to protect against this or some secret method i dont know about?


please help...
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^air digs from 1990-91? even earlier since nike used those hangtags only in the late eighties
volleyball shoe (correct me i i am wrong on the name, i aint that sure about it)
also; started a blog..well not really a blog blog..but a sitye where i will post frequently some more detailed pics of vintage nike...so that you all canappreciate the beauty of them..
still thing on the conpcet..if you have suggestions, lmk!!!

link to the blog in the sig!
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well, thought i bump our post

happy with these:

and a sole picture of my AF 180 lows from 92

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karl, nike needs to look at these older models and get with it. the majority of the shoe is black and white, yet somehow WORKS perfectly. colored lacelocks, acolored outsole, and a few accent pieces and you have a winner, like every single 80s to early 90s nike shoe.. what happened with that thought process???
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wally, i think it is called simplicity...
keep it simple...but then again, the shoes we are talking about were first a high quality sports shoe, and second, if so a "fashion object"

nowadays they are just fashion objects.... and youngsters from today are to worried if shoes shoes match tshirt and hat, and Nike knows that..
a simple black-white or basic color white doesnt appeal to a lot of the youth....

last week in Footlocker saw these rainbow AM90s..horrible in my opinion, but kids were looking at them and trying them on...
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Society as a whole has been dumbed-down....quality no longer means anything (not only for sneakers....look at music, architecture...etc.), it's all aboutmaking money and fitting in with the rest, you know?

Very nice pics on the last page. Here's a minor contribution, I don't think I posted these before:

Also found this close-up on my hard drive:
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Did they ever retro this pair of air max light 96??
And how much do they cost now?
Below pic are from Ebay.
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thansk for the pics!!!

you still have these OG AM1s?
and nice radicates! some better pics of these would be appreciated!!
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Dolla Bill, those kicks bring back so much memories. I had the white and navy and the black and white colorways.
I just copped 2 pairs of white navy and gold Air Slant lows from this dude who lives in my town. One pair was DS while the other had little wear on it. Illpost pics when I can find my transfer wire. 175 bucks for both pairs.
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