TEN-A-KEY Please Rep

Jul 8, 2003
Im in Ca$hville, rep your city. Lets get a bases of shoeheads here to help each other out in such a hard region for collecting.
Summit...maybe in the future if any kinda response!!!

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What's up joe. Gotta rep the 615. All us down south boys all need to get together and have a summit. Are all the other shoeheads in tennessee from memphis?

not from the tenn but im an hr away from memphis10 in arkansas, goin to arkansas state. and looks like aint nobody reppin arkansas so what the heck.
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KNOX :pimp:

. . ..
we should go play ball somewhere public and have like mini summit...like all those courts by halle Stadium and the police station..that is..if yall are street ballers!
^ sounds good to me, come on down to memphis so i can hoop yall out :D
and leave yall looking like :wow:

State your business via AIM:
I'm the original TN NTer :lol:

I was here when I was the only one here

I'm done collecting but I'm still glad to see you cats coming out the woodwork and reppin the state.

Nashvegas. LA (Lower Antioch :wink:
) and the Hermitage/Donelson area. You young cats can have the bricks :lol:

^ you got any kicks left you would like to move to a fellow Ca$villian, Hit me up on the real!

I was hoping for some more cats to be in Middle TN, Yall fellas have fun and get together in the Memphis.
* Joerdan23 * vicentvega8523 * td n tn * AirJordan18 * CitrusGirl * JRock6820 *memphisboi55
Nah but you're welcome to pretty much any relationships/plugs I have leftover, online or off. We've rapped before previously I believe. Rivergate right? I'll eventually have to make it out there to rap w/you one day if so.
M-ToWN, judging by my name you should know which part of memphis im from and i would like the idea of having a mini summit. today wouldve been the best day since it wasn't cold, its starting to get a little too old to have something outside now :rofl:
unless we can find an inside gym to hoop at
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