The AJ 10 is thee most comfortable jordan

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For me once you broke the 11, it is hard to beat them.
The 10 are really comfortable, but i don't feel the air sole unit.
The air sole is really really hard. My 2016 NYC didn't have risk to squeak because they are really really hard, my Orlando same thing, also filled with cement.
But it was not the case with my 2015 double nickel: the left shoe was fantastic (maybe OG feeling) and a lot of squeaking, while my right shoe didn't have the same comfort and didn't squeak as much as the left.
Finally a good 10 is a 10 who is squeaking!
The 7 Bordeaux 2015 great shoes. Best cushionning set up. the OG had forefoot and heel air sole unit. the retro have just full lenght air sole unit but it is fantastic.
The 13 are perfect. The 14 are also good.
The 12 are good but the hard rubber outsole is totally a real deal breaker.
Best traction are for the 8. The best brick too with the 6, 5, and 4.

The 11 and the 13 are the winner for me.
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no one likes 2s that much huh.

personally i consider it to be more comfortable than other models, on and off court lol
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I’m glad you said 1-14 only because I don’t recognize any Jordan shoe beyond the 14s. That’s where the line unofficially died. RIP
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for me, the last 2015 ( could be wrong on release year I got mine from outlet last year) chi 2 lows are by far the most comfortable. the insoles in that particular release pair are butter nothing compares like foot pillows. I have fallen asleep with them on my feet plenty of times forgetting I had shoes on. but I would also agree besides the 2 lows 10s are super cozy they just fit like no other jordans.. to me everybody's feet are different
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I’ll agree with 13s and 10s being up there in comfort. I think 10s would be rated a bit higher comfortwise if it wasn’t for the bands inside. They can feel a bit constricting after awhile, although I’m sure they’re designed to be that way for a secure fit. 13s are always like pillows to my feet. I’ve also had some 4s here and there that feel pretty comfy.
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7s and 13s I always felt like were comfortable right away and then 8s after they had been broken in a bit.
You have to double knot the laces if you want to enjoy 13s - the laces always come undone otherwise, and they’re long as hell.
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This is a scientific fact. I’m talking 1-14.
this is NOT fact. different silhouette will feel different based off of foot structure. I have wide, flat feet and 10s tend to be narrow. so for me a jordan 10 will never be more comfy than, say, a jordan 3.
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Wore my Chicago’s the other day forgot how comfortable these things are. Must be a scientific fact :lol:
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Rating comfort between 1-14, the 7 and 10 are the top two imo. The only shoe I never had on my feet is the 2. But something tells me they are not in the conversation. Everybody has different feet so this discussion can go on for a while.
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