The Casino Thread vol. first time

Joined Jul 2, 2009
Thinking about hitting up a casino soon, never been. Anybody have any cool stories , how was your first time etc

What are the good games to play ...what's a good amount to bring?
Joined May 25, 2001
If you have a sensitivity to inhaling clouds of second hand smoke, don't even bother. If not, bring $150 and leave the ATM card and wallet in the car so you don't get tempted to blow more. Good luck.
Joined Dec 29, 2005
Bring as much as you can afford to lose. I have a lot of cool stories but also have some pretty bad ones lol. House wins in the end.

I believe in beginners luck. Play anything, play aggressive, have fun.

If you are doing slots do $1 and up denominations. Those have higher payback %.

Blackjack is streaky so bet aggressive when you're winning. Learn basic strategy before you play. You can also buy a card at the casion that'll help you.

Roulette is a sucker game but very fun and you could win a lot of $ quickly.

If craps is available play this. It is the funnest game to play as a group. Very difficult to learn if you don't have any gambling knowledge though.

Gonna be in Vegas tmw, wish me luck!
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