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Jun 10, 2004
this thread usually dies around June...i'm not sure why.  the general NFL and NBA season threads seem to work.  so we'll try it again.

unless people want to make seperate threads as soon as Tim Lincecum wins 10 games and Dan Uggla has 20 homers at the end of May.

let's start with some predictions.

AL West:  Mariners
AL Central:  Twins
AL East:  Yankees
AL WC:  Red Sox

NL West:  Giants
NL Central:  Cardinals
NL East:  Phillies
NL WC:  Dodgers

World Series:  Mariners beat the Cardinals in 6

AL MVP:  Mauer
NL MVP:  Pujols

AL Cy Young:  Josh Beckett
NL Cy Young:  Roy Halladay

AL ROY:  Neftali Feliz
NL ROY:  Aroldis Chapman

have at it...

and anyone see the bomb that Heyward kid hit?
Feb 21, 2010
AL WC: Oakland Athletics

Ehhh, I have low expectations for the A's this year. So if they're half way decent, I'll be happy.
Aug 21, 2005
AL West - Rangers

AL Central - White Sox

AL East - Yankees

AL WC - Red Sox

NL West - Dodgers

NL Central - Cardinals

NL East - Phllies

NL WC - Cubs
Feb 19, 2006
This thread dies because there are other team related that are pretty strong with a lot of contribution.

The Dodgers, Yankees, Mets, NL Central threads stay on the front page consistently throughout the season.

we'll see if this one lasts unfortunately this is more of a NBA friendly board.

AL West - Mariners
AL Central - Twins
AL East- Yankees
AL Wild Card - Rangers

NL West - Dodgers
NL Central - Cards
NL East - Phillies
NL Wild Card - Giants
Apr 3, 2007
Hope my Braves make the most out of Bobby Cox's final year.  So close to getting the NL wildcard last year.  We solidified the bullpen with Wagner and Saito. However, still pissed Wren traded away Vazquez for Melky in December...
  This could be Chipper's final year as well.

wildKYcat or someone upload a vid of that huge HR Heyward hit.  BTW can't wait for the Jason Heyward show this year...(no JRAIN type of treatment)
Apr 8, 2009
from a comment on article on heyward blast:

"another big comparison for heyward. there was the griffey comparison, dave justice, the bat sound of mantle and hank. derryl strawberry. and now albert pujols' plate discipline. wow. that's the only thing i can say."

Dec 27, 2002
Stephen Strasburg's debut is on MLB Network.

3 ground outs by Austin Jackson, Clete Thomas and Magglio Ordonez on 7 pitches in the first inning.

Edit: Miguel Cabrera strikes out swinging. Carlos Guillen grounds out. Don Kelly single. Alex Avila single. Brent Dlugach froze on a 3-2 breaking ball (Strasburg fell behind 3-0).
Oct 11, 2007
AL East - Yankees
AL Central - Tigers
AL West - Rangers
AL Wild Card - Red Sox/Mariners

NL East - Phillies
NL Central - Cardinals
NL West - Rockies
NL Wild Card - Brewers

AL MVP - Longoria
NL MVP - Pujols or Braun

[h3]Roster potholes starting to form[/h3]
March, 8, 2010
Mar 8



When spring training began, most gaps and holes on teams were filled. But only a week into the exhibition games, roster potholes of various sizes and shapes are beginning to appear.


Getty ImagesHow good is Joe Nathan? His numbers equal those of a GOAT-like presence over the past six years.
  1. Twins, closer. It may be that Joe Nathan will be OK, that what he felt the other day was the realignment of scar tissue. They'll have a better idea in the next 24 hours, after Nathan is examined in Minnesota, as Joe Christensen writes. Said Nathan on Sunday morning, from the story: "It's at a spot right now where I definitely wouldn't want to pick up a baseball. It's very stiff, very sore. But it's a good thing we have a lot of time right now."
    If the injury is serious, the Twins will have a serious problem on their hands, because Nathan has been one of the most consistent closers in baseball in recent years (albeit with some late-inning meltdowns late this past season).

    From Mark Simon of ESPN Stats & Information: "If the Twins lose Joe Nathan for any extended period of time, they'll have some issues."

    Here's a list of the guys with the most saves among current Twins relievers:

    Joe Nathan: 247
    Jon Rauch 26
    Clay Condrey 4
    Matt Guerrier 4
    Jesse Crain 2

    [h4]Nathan and Rivera[/h4]
    A case can be made for Joe Nathan as the most dominant closer of the past six years.
    [table][tr][th=""][/th][th=""]Nathan[/th][th=""]Rivera[/th][/tr][tr][td]Saves[/td][td]246[/td][td]243[/td][/tr][tr][td]Save %[/td][td]90.8[/td][td]93.1[/td][/tr][tr][td]ERA[/td][td]1.87[/td][td]1.90[/td][/tr][tr][td]K/9[/td][td]11.1[/td][td]8.7[/td][/tr][tr][td]Opp. BA[/td][td].182[/td][td].206[/td][/tr][tr][td]WHIP[/td][td].093[/td][td].094[/td][/tr][/table]

    Nathan means as much to the Twins as
    Mariano Rivera does to the Yankees.
    See the chart for a comparison of the two since Nathan became a closer in 2004 (Nathan's 246 saves are the most in MLB since that time).

    An additional note on Nathan, from
    the TMI blog.
    Keep one thing in mind regarding all this about Nathan: The Twins are as good as any organization at patching and filling. The notion that they have to compete under less-than-ideal conditions is built into the culture of the organization, so if Nathan's problem is serious, you will not see Minnesota manager Ron Gardenhire laying his head on his desk and whimpering. He'll go find another closer.
  2. Dodgers, catcher. Russell Martin will miss the next month, at least, after suffering a groin injury. Brad Ausmus, at 41, is not going to take over as the every-day catcher, for sure; during the offseason I e-mailed Ausmus and mentioned that he was just 50 games from playing in 2,000 games in his career, and he responded: "I won't make it."
    He has a droll sense of humor, but he is realistic about being a full-time catcher at this stage in his career.

    Joe Torre
    intends to use 28-year-old A.J. Ellis in Martin's absence, writes Dylan Hernandez.
  3. Mets, rotation. After Joel Pineiro took the Angels' two-year, $16 million offer over their $15 million offer, the Mets basically went into spring training needing each of the guys behind Johan Santana -- Mike Pelfrey, John Maine and Oliver Perez -- to show progress, to produce. The Mets just don't have much margin for error, and Perez, to his credit, came into camp in great shape, with Santana and others offering glowing reports about his level of commitment.
    In his exhibition outing Sunday, a Mr. Hyde version of Perez
    was at work. Now, the Mets are happy that he threw strikes on 33 of 49 pitches, but given his history and his importance to the 2010 Mets, this early three-inning, five-run outing is the lead story on the NY Post's Web site today.
    But there was good news: Hisanori Takahashi
    threw well, as David Waldstein writes.
  4. Diamondbacks, rotation. Brandon Webb is no closer to making his spring training debut, and Arizona manager A.J. Hinch says the team will be cautious. There is some sentiment within the organization that the team will do well to get 25 starts out of the right-hander.
    Some good news:
    Ian Kennedy looked good in his debut. Some evaluators think he will benefit from his move from the AL to the NL.
[h3]Moves, deals and decisions[/h3]
1. Starlin Castro will start the year in the minors, the Cubs say.

2. Matt Joyce may have a leg up in winning playing time with the Rays, writes John Romano.

3. Brandon Phillips was not happy about the timing of an interview request, writes John Fay.

4. Jose Bautista is off to a great start in the Jays' camp, as Morgan Campbell reports. Dustin McGowan is also having a good camp so far, writes Ken Fidlin.

5. The Rays are close to signing Hank Blalock, who will join Tampa Bay's camp as relatively cheap insurance -- probably a fallback if Pat Burrell doesn't hit.

6. There's a lot of talk in Arizona already about how the White Sox intend to run like crazy on the bases this year.

7. Dejan Kovacevic wonders why the Pirates have not worked out a long-term deal with Andrew McCutchen.

8. Pat Burrell is not going to play in the outfield for the Rays, says Joe Maddon.

9. The Twins locked up the gritty Nick Blackburn to a four-year deal.

10. Talks between the Red Sox and Josh Beckett are amicable at the outset, writes Nick Cafardo.

11. Kyle McClellan, a candidate for the No. 5 spot in the St. Louis rotation, had a nice outing.

12. Sergio Mitre is making his case for the No. 5 spot in the Yankees' rotation, as Marc Carig writes.

13. Jose Lopez is settling in at third base.

14. Heard this: Aubrey Huff has struggled at times this spring with the Giants. The problem for Bruce Bochy is that if Huff can't cut it at first base, there's really no place to play the veteran.

15. Heard this, from a talent evaluator: Cole Hamels' body language, on the mound, is noticeably different than it was last year.

16. Orioles manager Dave Trembley is happy with what he's seeing in his new corner guys.

17. Jody Gerut is not ready to be a backup, writes Tom Haudricourt.

18. Bud Selig will receive a humanitarian award.

19. Chris Perez is a closer-in-waiting for the Indians, writes Bud Shaw.
[h3]Dings and dents[/h3]
1. Alex Gordon is absolutely luckless, although he acknowledged that he shouldn't have slid headfirst: He broke his thumb. But one professor challenges conventional wisdom and says sliding headfirst is faster, as Pete Grathoff writes.

2. The Giants were rained out and still managed to have some guys banged up during the course of their work Sunday -- but Mark DeRosa is feeling OK, as Henry Schulman writes.

3. Torii Hunter got some good news about scar tissue.

4. The Mariners' Rob Johnson is a little sore, but doing OK.

5. Conor Jackson is glad to be back in action.

6. Scott Olsen is trying to find himself after an injury-plagued season.

7. Chipper Jones has a jammed thumb.

8. Angel Guzman's career is in jeopardy.

9. Cameron Maybin hurt his groin.

10. Josh Hamilton will test his shoulder today, writes Evan Grant.
[h3]Sunday's games[/h3]
1. Chatted with Jake Peavy at the White Sox complex Sunday, and before he walked through the door to pitch a simulated game, he mentioned that he was fully intent on pitching hitless ball that day. And he did.

2. Jeremy Bonderman got pounded.

3. Brett Gardner used his speed, as Pete Caldera writes.

4. Jeremy Guthrie of the Orioles felt good about his work Sunday.

5. Clay Buchholz started for Boston.

6. Sean West had control issues Sunday.

7. Wrote here Sunday about Kurt Suzuki and Trevor Cahill, and Mark Simon sent along these follow-up notes:
[*]The A's hit Suzuki third a little bit last year. It didn't work well for him: .221 BA, 4 HR, 9 XBH, 113 AB. [*]The Athletics went 12-16 when Suzuki started and batted third. [*]Then there's the Inside Edge on Cahill in regard to the sinker running over the plate and getting crushed. Left-handed hitters were 12-for-21 with seven home runs on fastballs (sinkers or not) that Cahill left in the part of the strike zone they define as "middle-middle." Right-handed hitters were 8-for-20, but with only one home run.
Oakland's Chris Carter is making noise with his bat, writes Joe Stiglich.
[h3]Other stuff[/h3]
Derek Jeter is in the running for greatest Yankee ever, writes Anthony McCarron.

Brad Ziegler is digging into his job as the Oakland team rep, writes John Shea.

Hunter Pence is a budding leader for the Astros, writes Bernardo Fallas.

• Charlie Manuel is arguably the greatest manager in Phillies history, writes Paul Hagen.

• A hometown guy pitched for the Red Sox in his hometown, as Daniel Barbarisi writes.

• Phillippe Aumont is working on his mechanics, as Matt Gelb writes.

• The Rangers' Colby Lewis has come a long way, writes Jeff Wilson.

• The Pirates are looking for power.

• Bill Conlin senses a lack of respect for what Ryan Howard does well.

Martin Prado is getting used to being a regular.

• The Giants may have their flaws, but then again, so do the other NL West teams. There are folks within the Dodgers organization greatly concerned about the lack of depth within the rotation.

• A couple of former Braves address the question of whether this is too much, too soon for Jason Heyward within this Bill Sanders piece.

• Jorge Jimenez wants to be a starter with the Marlins, and he is impressing them.

• Some No. 1 picks the Mariners traded are settling in elsewhere, as Larry Stone writes.

• The Padres are looking for help from Randy Ready, writes Dan Hayes.

• Mets coach Chip Hale talked with Ken Davidoff about the defense of Luis Castillo.

• The Angels are much more suited to driving the ball this year, Mike Scioscia tells Jeff Miller.

Cliff Lee got through some dark days to emerge as an elite pitcher, writes Larry LaRue.

• Mariners president Chuck Armstrong can sing. But hey, when it comes to singing, the baseball writers will put up our Dave Sheinin against anybody the baseball executives want to throw out there.

• Jake Peavy can wing it and pick it, writes Toni Ginnetti.

• Bob Feller, who has the strongest opinions in baseball, had some things to say about the contract signed by Aroldis Chapman.

FYI: Got some early-morning travel, so there won't be a blog tomorrow. We'll be back at it Wednesday.

And today will be better than yesterday.
Jun 10, 2004
Originally Posted by gangsta207therevolution

There is no way in blue hell the Twins win the central .

well, now that Joe Nathan has torn a ligament in his elbow...and could miss the entire season...
May 30, 2006
Don't the Yankees have a thread? Can't most of yall just stay in there?

I can't wait for the season to get under way... I enjoy the NBA, but nothing like NFL and MLB seasons...
Oct 11, 2007
That kid Guerrier should be put in as the closer. Not by committee or w/Rauch. He may not put up the gaudy numbers that Nathan did but he's a more than servicable replacement IMO.

Originally Posted by Nowitness41Dirk

Don't the Yankees have a thread? Can't most of yall just stay in there?

Sep 1, 2006
I forecast the Dodgers selling away a piece or two of the "kids" if we're sellers at the deadline. WHY? Ownership, divorce.
May 30, 2006
Originally Posted by Proshares

Originally Posted by Nowitness41Dirk

Don't the Yankees have a thread? Can't most of yall just stay in there?
You're all good, PS... Was referring to this...
Yanks take it all again thread over

Thanks for playing

But seriously, the Mariners??

We don't need or want that nonsense...
May 31, 2004
Trill, do you really trust Wags and Saito at the end of the bullpen this year??? I have definitely have a show and prove approach with those two mainly due to their age. This Heyward propaganda is getting out of control for me.  

Every day it's something new, "Only one person has his patience and his named was Pujols", "I haven't a sound like that off the bat since Hank", "Call him the next Strawberry, McGriff, etc." He hasn't even play a MLB game yet. With that being said, He has lived up to every expectations so far though,  
Oct 11, 2007
I wonder if BJ will bounce back or if his stats will go down for the 3rd season in a row.
Mar 13, 2004
Originally Posted by FRANCHISE 55

I can't wait to watch this man develop into a superstar.


O's are headed in the right direction....A LOT of young talent on the of the best, young, OF's in all of MLB.  They are gonna be fun to watch and may surprise folks this season.
Sep 12, 2007
Yeah I agree with you on the O's. They have a ton of talent. I thought Markakis would improve more over the years, but as is he's a stud. Hopefully Adam Jones can stay healthy and continue to grow into a star.
Oct 11, 2007
I think Markakis is right there as a superstar. Just gotta hope Weiters hits well this year. Once that pitching staff in the minors comes up and produces...Blue Jays may be the only ones sitting under .500 in that division.

Jones is gonna put up .300 25 and 100 this year.
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