the nerve smh

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shipped some shoes to this kat 
him=did you ship? remember to ship as a gift cus i dont wan't custom fees

me=yeah usps priority 

him=yoooo big problem sorry about this I thought I used my credit card to pay but it used my bank account to pay and it effed up everything could you please refund me the money and ill pay you back right away with my credit card

me=Dunno what to tell you. I already took the money out of paypal so I have nothing to refund you.the shoes were shipped when u hit me up

him=I understand where your coming from but I aint tryna snake you. just refund me and right away i will send you a payment via credit card

me=my dude was i born yesterday? you made the mistake so why should i take the risk, if anything send me a gift payment to my account and once payment clears i will refund your first payment

him= i dont know thats too risky just please refund and i promise to pay you right away

me=not happening my dude,you seemed like a cool kat now it sounds like you're trying to be funny style

him=ok i will send the payment as gift please refund me today? 

me=i will refund once payment is in my account not a second sooner.

him=ok i sent the second payment send me my refund in the exact amount i gave you

me=ok refund sent

him=yo you forgot to send me an extra 12 dollars because when i sent as gift they charge me 12 dollars more

me=lol my dude you must have lost your mind,when you send as gift they dont charge you any fees and even if they did how is 

that my problem?

him=it i sonly fair that you refund me extra 12 dollars

me=ok since we are getting technical here you sent me 15 dollars for shipping to canada postage was actually 27.50 not once did i bring it up but since you are being petty i guess we are even 

him=please leave me feedback



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trying not to derail/annoy op:
i would have just ignored him after he tried to get his 'refund'
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Originally Posted by Weekz

trying not to derail/annoy op:
i would have just ignored him after he tried to get his 'refund'
he makes these threads every week
buying and selling to ISSers is annoying, we get it.
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you should have never even entertained this dude.. should have just ignored him from the jump, you already got paid.
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