The Official Anime & Manga Thread Vol: 三

Joined Jul 18, 2013 too. lakeith voice over is...bad. man has as much energy as a turtle. when he said "today we fight for japan" dude sounded like he was in a classroom compared to a battlefield.
Yeah I like Lakeith as an actor but everyone aint built to do voicework :lol:
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so is berserk season 2 not worth watching?
97 the only one worth watching from a visual standpoint. From a story perspective they skip over stuff 97 doesn't. If you want to continue some of the story you can watch it. Imagine of MAPPA got their hands on Berserk?
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It's fine. The animation wasn't when it was airing but they did clean it up for the blu ray release.

I also want to add, not that I slept on it, that is t also has some of the dopest OPs I've personally had the pleasure of seeing.

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the way they did big mom at the end :rofl:
yall gotta put respek on zoro name dude was always goat to me :pimp:
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