The Official Netflix Thread Tho: Recommend Streaming Movies

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1st season of unsolved still got my mind blown, how they havent solved that big dude who fall from the sky?

sz2 was whatever.


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I’m late but I’m halfway done with top boy. Man idk why but that little man Ats doing whatever he can to help his mom out got me right in my feels :frown: :frown:

good show though. Wanted to watch the og series but never did and I will after I finish this now. Lots of teeth kissing :lol: Jaq and her sister are mad annoying and rude but id smash both 😈

need to finish eps 6-10

also Jason was right, shout-out to Arsenal, the greatest team in the premier league :smokin
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I checked out night eats the world on Amazon prime. Zombie flick, end of the world dealing with loneliness, trying to stay sane, and dealing w/ zombies. Good if you like zombie movies, and nice message
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Good looks on the Queens Gambit recommendations. I saw the trailer, but it didn’t seem like anything I would be interested in. I decided to give it a shot after seeing all the positive comments in here and it really was fantastic.
Onthe other hand I got thru 1 and a half episodes of Grand Army and I had to shut it off. Not sure what I was expecting but it was super cringe lol.
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Is Ray Donovan worth the investment?

Im tryna start that or give The Sopranos another shot. 😒

Decisions decisions......
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did anyone watch Van Helsing on netflix? I've run out of a few shows to mindlessly watch while I eat. decided to give it a try since it's 4 seasons deep so i figured it would be decent.

i watched a few episodes and the corny acting and budget brand studio work (seems almost entirely filmed in the same hospital space, graphics) are hilariously mediocre. I keep watching in hopes that it gets better.. should I just stop?
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