**The Official Ralph Lauren Polo Thread**

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I think this was Ralph sent me a 40% coupon when you spend $250 and I bought the kicks & the hoodie together. So the logic I like to use is I paid full price for the kicks and paid an extra $25 for the hoodie.
So does that custom hoodie have a worn in vintage look or did they just kind of screw up? Either way, I think yours looks good. Dying for a pwing hoodie
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So does that custom hoodie have a worn in vintage look or did they just kind of screw up? Either way, I think yours looks good. Dying for a pwing hoodie
Thank you and I believe they screwed up. 2 other people copped on here I believe so I’m interested how theirs turned out. If it’s on purpose they should stop that.
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Returning the P Wing hoodie & getting another one being Ralph’s weird *** policy of not exchanging.

Thought about it and $25 is $25 playboy. I want what I ordered. I was going soft for a minute. They too rich and I’m too poor to give away money to them.>D

Edit: Just got off the phone with CS after 3 different people. And although the final woman who helped me was an angel. They are on some bs. They consider the hoodie a custom and customs are non returnable. Even though it is their fault and I went with the plain jane as far as customization.

The most she could do was give me back....
Now being I paid $25 I’m not that mad. But if people who pay full price are getting played like this I am surprised there have not been more complaints.

Imagine paying $125+ and they tell you they can give you $12 back.:angry::rofl:

Chick was a sweetheart and was putting in work for
me to get that refund. Shady biz Ralph shady biz.:nerd:
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Most companies don’t do returns on “customs” Nike might be the only one I can think of that takes back customs. im not mad at that because I would never do a custom lo item online or over the phone (maybe a monogram) but that still sucks.i was in store when I did mine (I overstand those that aren’t able to personally get there’s his way) I was at the prince st. Store the the second day they started to do customs and it was a cluster f**k s**t show of off sets,miss-prints,burned / scorched polos (a big box under the counter full) this is when them corny us open teddy was running and those along with the rest of the wtf are you doing Ralph designs was being printed with no problem at all but nooooooo it had to be the crest one I want. Lol. They had orders of 50 to 100 on a single order just to mark up and resell.I went two different times to get mine done(3 total just for customs fist time no go) I can not stress how much I personally recommend to do it in store so if anything go’s left you can correct them on spot.I watched them destroy a hefty amount of garments till they got it right of just refunded the money back cause they just couldn’t do it right.RL outsources this option and they allow the company to be in store and you are 100 percent right idc if you payed one cent that’s your penny and it’s to be respected cause no of us have to f**k with RL what so ever. It is what it is but don’t let me get into the quality of the items used for the customs... it’s the cheapest I’ve ever seen for RL. I would recommend if you got anybody in the city’s that has rl spots that have this option have them do it for you.

I customized my customs cause I’m a customizer $$$$
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