**The Official Ralph Lauren Polo Thread**

Joined Jan 26, 2018
Polo Ski :pimp:

My fav. after the Stadium line.

Hopefully we can get a retro of the OG Goose cuz aint nobody trying to pay two bandz for an old azzz jacket.

They are now making the silhouette for this coat again. Let's see
if they are too cheap to print the back of it. It may be too expensive and bankrupt the entire company.

Joined Jan 26, 2018
I dont see nothing I like at Macys. I'll wait for the stadium hat and Cross ski hoodie.
Not buying anything that most likely will be discounted when the major pieces drop later this month.
Allot of people will be selling the uncut penis fleece once that ski hybrid jacket and goose drops.
Joined Jan 19, 2005
This is exactly what I said to my OG Dallaspenn when he sent this to me :lol:
:lol: great minds...

I'm going to pass on all of Fall/Winter , unless the Beacon toggle coat or the Sportsman Patchwork Poncho falls to heavy discount. I've been picking up some quality items from a few years ago for pennies of the original MSRP, so I'm going to ride that success until it runs out.
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