the police are on me and i dont even know why

Joined Feb 9, 2007
i live in oakland but im never the house so yesterday when i get back the door is broken down and inside is all %%*@%* up so i go to the liquor storedownstairs and they say it was some %%$% out the movies. told me 12 cop cars pull up break down the door go up there guns drawn with a k-9 then started askingabout me then they said the feds where there too looking for me. this %%$% hppened in east oakland but it was some co co county cops
dont know why they after me but i need to so who am i supossed to call they didnt leave no card just the paper they gave the owner for the door

to anyone who says turn yourself in


formerly mac4167
Joined Nov 15, 2008
Wow, If the feds are after you then you must know why, the feds just dont run up in peoples house for no reason, espically with guns drawn. im not telling youto turn yourself in but if they are looking for you like that then there going to find you. goodluck
Joined Feb 9, 2007
i woldnt even know who to turn myself into and ill never do it

i havent +%%%#@ with no @%#% big enough for the feds to be on me either

elboricua 6

Joined Feb 24, 2006
you guilty until proven innocent ...

If I was you, I'll cut all tides with everyone and move far away and start over ...

remember you need a new ID - SSN - everything .. you are done

Joined Apr 15, 2008
your prolly responsible for one of the many shootings in E.O.....

just go hide out in Dublin, they won't find you outta all the fake thugs there.
Joined Aug 17, 2004
Glad you picked your priorities and posted this on NT!

I would say go to Mexico'd probably be safer in the Feds my dude.
Joined Jul 19, 2008
Originally Posted by Illuztrious

Glad you picked your priorities and posted this on NT!

I would say go to Mexico'd probably be safer in the Feds my dude.


Joined Apr 7, 2009
You're screwed son. Better join a gang in the pen so they don't kill or rape ya.
Joined May 2, 2008
feds don't knock down doors unless they know your behind em......somthin aint right maybe your boys at the liquor store coverin for somebody or sumthinidk.
Joined Feb 9, 2007
looking at tickets on other tab funny cause when i left syrcuse my mom called as soon as we landed like the police are here what should i say
Joined May 3, 2007
After the OJ thing Ford wanted to shed the image of the Bronco being a getaway they replaced it with the Escape

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