The RETRO Gaming Thread!

Joined Sep 22, 2007
Chiller is weird the vids I’ve seen of that game say it hardly works. I’ve seen a few vids where it doesn’t work or they try to resolder it and it still don’t load
Joined Sep 22, 2007
How much were those tiger handhelds? 19.99? I had a lot of them including the magic Johnson one and Michael Jordan one which was decently good to me as a kid. Including many more

I’m just wondering why I got so many of these and not a Gameboy lol maybe I didn’t ask for it
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Will Smith is definitely a Nintendo fan :lol:

Playing with Genesis controllers though? :wow:

Edit: picked up a few more games at $1 each complete with manuals.

PSP MLB The Show ‘08
PS2 Shadow the Hedgehog
PS2 DragonBall Z “Infinite World”
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