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There's two different rumors/theories?? on why we have daylight savings. First it was during the war and it helped the soldiers, second was for the farmers so they can have better crops or something. I don't get how either one helped.

I don't think any other counties even have Daylight Savings. It's so depressing to get out of work and it's dark. It makes me think if this is really life. Go to work early all tired and get off work being miserable in the dark.
I’m with you - other than that a lot of other countries have a time change - most of Europe, parts of South America and New Zealand are some.

All the studies I’ve seen actually show that the other way is better - less accidents happen on dark mornings than dark evening commutes - and I know I’d rather have some light when I get home. I’m so far North that just now it gets dark by 5 and at its worst it’s not long after 3 - that gets pretty depressing.

Light until nearly midnight in the summer sort of makes up for it though.
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One reason why Seattle or the state of Washington have one of the highest suicide rate in the country.

It’s times like this that makes me wonder if companies will ever change the work week schedule. Work 4 days a week and 3 days off so people can have more of a social life. I think there was a recent article about how Microsoft in Japan is doing that and productivity went up!
Yes, Japan did do that & it had positive outcomes. I wish we could replicate that here in the U.S. Damn, I didn't even know Washington state had one of the highest suicide rates! It makes sense
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After googling it it seems that benefit is supposed to be the extra hr in the summer. Still doesn’t make sense to me. Why it needs to go back. It’s not like we use the extra hr we gain in the morning.
On a deeper note lol who just can say what time it is like that? Like tomorrow a whole country of individuals agree tomorrow at 3 am it’s not 3 am it’s gonna be 2. And then the time comes and we say and observe time changed. It just seems kinda crazy. Like this is time lol
That makes sense the extra hour in the summer. But, wouldn't we still gain an hour or lose an hour even without changing the clocks? Like physically the Earth will always tilt on its axis closer or farther from the Sun depending on season/time of year right? So if we chose to not mess with time & adjusting our clocks...wouldn't we physically still see & feel the effects of that axis tilt with longer/shorter periods of light in the sky here on ground level? All this another reason why I call BS on daylight savings
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