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Just copped some warm-ish clothes for walking around in Canada in a couple weeks. I Think I should be good with basic warm clothing like sweaters, long johns, beenies, etc. I have some LL bean duck boots I don’t feel like bringing. You New York cats, how comfy are timbs for walking long distances?

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Finally shot some hoops for the first time since September. Didn’t do Super great but I recognize I’m not in shape and my breathing was very labored. I had plenty of rebounds, good assists and 6 points. Didn’t feel pain in my Achilles’ tendon so I took the ankle brace off and it felt good. Now I have to rest up and then start hitting the playground to get more familiar with the game. I Missed 2 wide open layups that felt so unnatural to me as I went up.

It’s funny these guys I played with today would’ve kicked me out of their league if I was playing like I was 8 years ago. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if they do kick me out if/when I start playing like my old steps but I’ll get there :lol:
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