the thread about nothing...

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Y'all think I can finesse a free oil change if I bring my car in for a recall? The recall is to fix a cylinder deactivation issue. I have my own oil and filter. Just need the labor


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idk What it is but I just have not been feeling it lately.
We’re right in the middle of the worst part of the year - it’s dark and getting darker, cold and getting colder and there’s not a lot to look forward to.

In a few weeks things start to turn though - there’s obviously Christmas and the days get longer again and it’s not too long until spring.

Not sure I’ve got a solution other than hanging in there but things will get better again.
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Ran into a conversation about a podcast that discusses fantasy football and poop. One of the folks who was championing the podcast was describing how poop is a constant topic on the show and then drops a "I've had maybe 3 unicorn poops in my life where I didn't have to wipe afterwards."

How the **** do you know you don't have to wipe unless you wipe? Am I the weirdo for not being able to feel **** on my *******? Should one really have the skill to trust what they are feeling down there? Wouldn't it always always ALWAYS be better to be safe as opposed to sorry in this situation?
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