the thread about nothing...

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The point? Your advice isn't influential/convincing enough. He could've cancelled the order after your suggestion. I'm sure the option was available. wasn't bad advice to be honest just goes to show, can't tell someone how they should be spending their money own money.
He's 24 or 25 so he did not deal with the effects of the recession as a grown-up having to support himself. I was giving him my advice based on my own experience with the intent of helping him make more informed decisions going forward.

Just like if I see someone ordering a gift for someone's birthday that is in a week, I would suggest paying extra for expedited shipping to ensure that it arrives in time.
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Every time I see that pic I think the same thing. “That **** got ‘Florida’ written all over it..” :lol:
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When they first came out I thought it was weak. I tried it again and thought it has gotten worse. After eating a real chicken sandwich from Howlin Rays, I realized majority of the people haven’t tried a REAL chicken sandwich with REAL MSG.
anybody here ever seriously slapped another man? in order not to fight right away...just to show that he's a B (fight if necessary)
Don't think that's possible unless you slap someone unconscious
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