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Feb 11, 2006


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Jun 25, 2003
Watch "NBA Players have the NASTIEST Feet" on YouTube

I’m convinced that shoe design is a huge factor in that - and not just basketball shoe design but regular shoes. If you look at the average shape of a show most people’s feet aren’t that shape - they’re not narrow and pointed at the front.

I obviously didn’t play at anything like that level but my feet were a mess - so are my mom’s - she said it was genetic but I was sure it was shoe shape. I spent a few years only wearing barefoot style shoes and my feet completely transformed. I can now put all of my toes on the ground. I had to go up a shoe size and I can now only buy shoes with a wide toe box. (My mom has obviously spent her whole life wearing women’s shoes - narrow toes and often a heel so that has forced her toes in to a point).

I don’t know why manufacturers don’t design shoes with toe room - it’s the ankle/top of the foot that proves stability - your toes being jammed into the front of the shoe may feel like it stops your foot sliding forward but it’s the wrong way to do it.
Feb 7, 2016
idk tbh as a kid I just remember being told that one and not to point at graveyards
I remember some old things but at this age, I don't really care unless it made sense. some don't make sense and some there could be some truth to it. the only reason one might not want to cut their nails at night is if it's dark and more likely to cut yourself deep or you having to clean those cut pieces at night. as far as getting a night shower, I would guess is if you sleep on a wet hair or head which can cause some colds if you don't dry your hair.
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