this girl with a boyfriend texts me.. does she like me or using me for attention?

snow pl0w

Apr 13, 2009
This cold piece has a boyfriend that goes to a diff college like an hour away. So we text and she laughs at my jokes like always responding with lols andstuff. She always hints at hanging out but one of us usually flakes- when she does I finally realized that her bf comes up for weekends and I flake on herbecause I just assume she's using me for attention.

I'm in the same situation as her with a long distance situation, my girl goes to grad school a couple hours away. She knows I have a gf and I know she hasa bf. This texting has been going off and on for a couple months. Sometimes a couple weeks go by and I won't hit her up. I'm not a thirsty type, my gfis really cute too so it's not like I'm a lame throwing myself at her. Idk what to I prob wasting my time with her?

We kissed once when we were drunk, but that's pretty much it. I make fun of her bf and she responds with if she was really into him wouldn'tshe just ignore me based off that alone?
Invite her over for a movie or something. If she flakes, then end it.

Why are you tryna creep though?
@ you.
First of all, fail for both of you.

If she's letting you make fun of her boyfriend, but also "flakes" on you...she's a little girl who has no idea what she wants, besides attention. Keep it moving...

Edit::I'd say smash and dash if she didn't have a bf.
It's complicated to try and kick it with her cause her bf is up like every weekend..and I can pretty much correlate her hitting me back a-sap when he'snot in town and her ignoring me when he is- which is to be expected I suppose. This is her first love, so she's young and at some point she's going totell him to get lost..I just want to be there when that's her mentality. She sounds willing at times, but then others not at it's really aboutkeeping her in reach for when she finally decides to cut him loose. I believe he's moving soon, so they could be ending shortly. So do I try to kick itnow, or just sit back and let the events unfold? We're both pretty busy so I'm not trying to look thirsty working around her schedule only to have herflake..that would murk whatever chance I have if/when her and her bf break it off.. Treating this like a game of chess smh lol
using you for attention.
when the boyfriend isnt doing his job of providing her with the attention she needs/wants, she texts you instead.
It's really not a question if she likes me..I'm a funny charming intelligent in demand guy..if she didn't like me at all why even entertain me? Ithink a better question is does she like me enough to creep on her long term, first love, who lives 1+ hour away right now, and may be question why she'seven with him boyfriend? Girls with those types of bfs, keep them around because it's comfortable to have a guy that you only chill with on theweekends..and it's safe to "have someone"..but in my experience they never really last. The girl usually creeps here and there or they break upat some point because there's no substitute to having someone in person. I'm just trying to position myself to be in the right place at the righttime.. What does yns mean?
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