This slap gives "bus driver uppercut" a run for it's money

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Man.....I always tell people that you can't run your mouth thinking no one is going to call you out. In SF, we got tons of people that love to act tough cause they feel like no one will touch them. Not saying that the girl deserved the hit but don't run your mouth thinking you can't be touched.
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Speech slurred and everything after that.

People always feelin themselves too much and act wreckless.


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Definitely have to know the story behind this. I was appalled by that. I'm all for self defense regardless of gender if there is an immediate threat, but come on, what could she have really done without the aid of an object or weapon?
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good thing those people jumped in and helped the girl...

camera lady was more concerned about the register not working
the employee started bagging up his groceries
the dread just watched in amazement.

but, she did deserved the quick hand of god. shouldnt be putting your hands on ol' heads.
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waits for a nt womens'right activist :nerd:

Obviously ole girl was in the wrong because notice she didn't even try to call the cops
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Is this somewhere in Dallas? or Houston? :lol: and not even 1 damb was given combined by everybody in attendance. My man just rung him up, dude got mad for the rest of his change, other 2 over here talking bout the register don't work and nobody checked on her or accosted dude or anything.
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