Those times when people came back to you cause you were successful

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A lot of NT is well off, making good money and driving great cars, living life as I can see, have you ever had people you used to know who wouldn't give you a second look come back and try and be down with you because you were now successful? How both men and women who once looked down on you around you want to hit you up now that you're on top of your game?

And what did you do when they hit you up? Just keep it moving or take the time to meet them again?
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Just ignore them and move on.
They weren't in your life before and you were fine, so no point to bring them back in.
And you've probably found better people to hang around with too.
Also, once they see you "unsuccessful" again, they'll just leave you.
So no point to waste you time.
Just do what you want, and do whatever makes you happy. 
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Good points... and what about people who you meet later on after you're successful? How do you separate the genuine from those with ulterior motives? Especially women?
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"Back then they didn't want me, now I'm hot, they all on me"...word to Mike Jones.

But no, this doesn't occur to me.
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This happens to me all the time. Not really because I'm already successful, but more because I'm on the road to getting there. Most guys I have dated in the past have dumped me for girls who looked better but ended up being crazy or useless in the long run
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Yup not doing great but I am good. Girls showing up with there two kids talking about I always wanted to be with you. LOL. I give them the two kids ago we could have been beautiful and keep it moving.
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