Time To Clear Up "Thick"


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Far too many times, I see this word used to describe fat chicks. Stop.

Thick refers only to a chicks ***. So if you saw a chick with a nice *** you'd say, "damnnnn, she's thick". Now, how nice of an *** it is can be expressed in many different ways. For example: "she's thick as ****", "she's thicker than a snicker" etc etc.

Stop referring to fat chicks or ill built chicks as thick.

This is thick:

View media item 487366
View media item 487351
View media item 487425
View media item 487427
View media item 487432
View media item 487353
View media item 487355
View media item 487357
View media item 487358
This is NOT thick:

View media item 487368
View media item 487370
View media item 487371
View media item 487372
View media item 487436
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ya'll need to give this "thick" argument a rest. it's all in the eye of the beholder, what one man may consider thick another man may not. i don't even know why you guys care what someone else considers "thick".

meek meals

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u shud be banned for not posting names 

EDIT: On second thot, only name of the first girl in OP
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