tired of re-releases? (nubucks)

Jun 11, 2005
am i the only one tired of spending hours and hours on the jordan website trying to get a shoe. not only do you overpay for the shoe but also they end upgetting re-released 2 or 3 years down the line.

for example how would you feel if you got your eminem 2 off ebay for $1000 and they ended up being a general release a year later
that would make you a beast !!!! buyin #+$* cuz there exclusive , not cuz you like them . if you bought a pair of shoes you liked for a g , and they droped ayear later for less . oh well you still like them right ?? but if your a beast and you wanna try and resell then you outa luck ( cuz your a beast )
Get over it their gonna do this alot cause heirs only SO MANY colors they can release for a shoe unless you want them to explore the rainbow with these shoes.So expect shoes to be re re re re released.
I can not relate with you, being that I've never purchased a pair sneakers online in my entire life. For someone like me it doesn't make any sense.Anything that will sell out in stores, will be sold out online before the stores even open their doors. And a lot of things that sell out online, doesn'tactually do that well in stores. And there's never been an online exclusive that I've ever like enough to purchase. So I don't see why re-releases(retros or OGs) would bother anyone unless they're only concerned with the value of the sneaker. If that's the case,then I see your point....
You are acting like shoes get re-released all the time. And no the eminem II's will not be retroed in a year
It's been 6 years since they originally released.

JB has been doing this for a while. i.e., III's released in '88, and were a retro in '94, then again in 2001-2002.
ok????? that just means stop being a reseller and just buy what you want for YOU not for you to sell em..... i actually wouldnt mind buying some exclusiveshoes and then having them come out a year later cause i can keep the first pair i bought DS and i can use and abuse the re re re re re re re re re retro orwhat ever you wanna call it.....
exactly what frenchblue23 said... every colorway will re release eventually, so why get mad over a re release
I bought the taxis last year before the CDP was nailed down. I also bought some white/red xiis literally a week before rumors of their return appeared. Theonly thing i don't like is the fact that i spent more money than if i would have known they were retroing and waited. Buying online is always a gamblebecause you never know what JB's gonna do next. In the end it comes down to how much the shoe is worth in your eyes, regardless of its price or rareness.
Yes it does make me mad, but in the past 7 years I've been on Niketalk I'd say that it's happened a ton to a lot of people. White/red VIII's,nubucks, black/red Xi's, white/black IX's... it goes on.
if you like the shoe to spend a $1000 wouldn't you be happy to get a second or third pair for cheaper down the road???
sell them now so you can still get a 1000 for them before its to late.. you should probably sell all your shoes cuz THEY WILL BE RE-RETROED
Actually for this release i am not mad. See the first time the site crashed and i was out of luck
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