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Jun 26, 2002
It's Mid '07 and not one has been done yet, from 2002-2006 there's been at least 2 a year.

Let's get the ideas out and a date planned a month from now.

no show for me unless its in july :frown:

416 And 250 Canada

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Yea...lets make this happen ...really...~~
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Ok how about second weekend of July (the 6th, 7th or 8th?), let's all go to hoopdome to ball...there, there's a start for location and time....

feel free to add and change plans and events...
I'm in for everything... But I got summer school, so that might interfere with some stuff.
FINALLY somebody is taking charge and organizing a SUMMIT...

I'm good as long as I don't get a more important engagement...

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Well I say the weekend after Canada Day weekend or the next week.
ill be in the city first week of August........im gonna be meetin up with Freshsince1982 (joey) and i think we r gonna hit up some outlets, but a first ever summit for me would be cool
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weekend after canada day is good :D
, thats the weekend soulize was talkin bout.

hoopdome sounds good but i definitly would want to see a sneaker showcase sort of thing incorperated and im down for the gdft/ls invasion afterwords.

if the weather is nice there should be somthing outside... someone bring a bbq and let throw some steaks on the grill :lol:

416 And 250 Canada

Looking For DS Chicago Xs size 9-10.5
- Basketball
- Sneaker Showcase w/ Prizes.

????? Add other ideas.

lets get some females in cheerleader fits to rock kicks while we play ball!

for real though if y'all need any help or links from me just holla!
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June 15th
State Theatre
I'm in for anything.

I'll be there, anywhere.
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