Tyga released his Gold Album out on Spotify today....and only sold 2,200 copies 1st Week

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Will check out for sure. This drop surprised me.

Hopefully nothing but ignant slaps.
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Prod. Is fantastic, but the music isnt there.

Onky like Shaka Zulu, it sounds like 6 Man though. Hard For You sounds like Tuscan Leather.

Very,very forgettable album.
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This album is very good. I recommend everyone listen to it. Tyga was spitting on this.

My mans did 2200?! Sheesh! That's beyond atrocious.
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Tyga’s The Gold Album is only 497,800 record sales short of becoming a certified gold album. The rapper and close friend of 17-year-old Kylie Jenner surprise dropped his fourth LP on Spotify last week, and tweeted out a link to the record’s page on iTunes the following day. It would appear that not many people clicked that link, as according to Complex, The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty sold just 2,200 copies in its first week. Better luck next time?

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@ComplexMag label I put it out for free on spotify last tues. the whole purpose was to stream it.Kuz label problems. Got millions of streams


damn that sucks :lol:


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2200 doe :rofl:

Drake is gonna do like within like 5 mins.

When Troy Ave got reason to laugh at you, know you're doing something wrong.
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He basically destroyed himself. "Beefing" with Birdman, Nicki Minaj, & Drake was strike 1. Dating that underage Kardashian chick was strike 2. Putting out mediocre music was strike 3. Add to the fact that he didn't market this project correctly. I knew the album was on Spotify, but didn't know about it being on Itunes til after those numbers were reported.


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his last album (i think it was called last kings?) was pretty good. had some bangers and mainstream hits i could listen to. This one was horrible, though.
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Mack Down is my favorite Tyga song. Mostly because Juicy J is on there and Juicy J/Crazy Mike produced it. Should've been a Juicy J solo or Project Pat with some Pimp C vocals.
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Not a fan of this album at all. Zero replay from me. Was hoping it would've been good, but its subpar.
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