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def agreed. like a young kanye with drive. dudes album has so many bangers, and dudes dope in person

getcha some is supposed to get a vid by hype comin soon
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desire, want & need is that joint..........and the best thing about his songs is that he started off as a battle rapper, so there is virtually no fillerits all punch line after punch line....


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Just randomly found this mixtape today (through the drake thread of all places)

Good music
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everyone saying sean>cudi is very right.....during that long SXSW freestyle video, people said cudi was scared to spit after sean....cudi said out loud"damn, I dont even want to even try and follow that"

I hope sean's talents pay off for him...
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^^^the story goes.....Sean was a regular at this radio station battle, kanye was doing a promo stop, Sean raced to the station to see kanye, rapped for kanyeas he walked to his car, got don C's info, bounce some emails and tracks back and forth for at least 2 years, finally had enough material to really sitdown with kanye, kanye dug his drive and heart and signed him up.

and their is more to the story, but its was definitely not on some "let me rap for you", "wow you are dope, I want to sign you" typestuff.....

off Cum Over "She said I'm trying do what you do, I told he that I do me, she said well let me do you" cracks me up every time.....

im not you

Joined May 29, 2009
I never really listened to him before this tape so I have to ask...

There are some tracks on here that can easily pass for Drake songs...has he always sounded like that?
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