Unseen Amare Stoudemire Signature Shoe: Nike Power Move - Old Sample? [ PICS ]

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Kind of looks like an ALPHAPROJECT / Jason Petrie design. The midsole and outsole remind me of the Flight Club and Zoom FP.

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Going by the product number on these, it looks like they would've dropped around late 08, or early 09?


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Those were gonna be the STAT 3.  Remember when he said his shoe was gonna help you get girls?  Well, Nick DePaula from ISS/SC said that they were scrapped back in '08.
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Originally Posted by swingshot


The lateral design killed it for me....the embossed heel and outsole designs are nice though...with a Suns cw maybe those would've stood out...but overal nahhh
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IIRC, STAT's not really much of a sneakerhead.

Not surprising these got scrapped really.

Was the Stat 1 a Footlocker exclusive?

I'm almost certain the Stat 2 was... even if they used 360BB tooling becasue of his injuries, it STILL used 360BB tooling, and i don't remember
the 360 BB selling too well (?)

...making this the Stat 3 would've been the final nail in the coffin for his sig line IMO. In the old days when every other Nike basbetball player had a
sig shoe, maybe something more would've come from the line, but nowadays, its little wonder the line got cut.

Don't get me wrong, the Stat 1 is one of my most favorite Nike shoes ever, but i think even that got a muted response, and that was possibly the best of the three
of them.
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i bet you in the right colours, everyone that said they're ugly would've got a pair
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