Unseen Unreleased 1/1 1992 Jordan VII Original Sample

May 17, 2001
From the information I have gathered this is a look-see sample from 1992. These are real. The shoe shows all signs of age including fading, traveling dyes,stiffness, etc. The tag checks out as well. Older samples dont always say "SAMPLE" on the tag. Reputable board members have validated these. Iwould not drop money on any fake or promote them in any way. I feel like this is something most original collectors live for so I decided to post them up inthe Jordan forum. I know I've been sort of absent for the past 2 years or so from the forums but I've been around for a long time.

The shoes are in amazing condition for the age, midsole is excellent along with everything else. I think the color used to be a varsity purple but has faded. I got this impression because the pull tab on the heel and the purple material inside is a vibrant purple while the purple suede is a bit lighter. Thegreenish color is a teal similar to the jewel air forces with the clear midsoles. The tongue is slightly yellowed along with the laces and both have some dyebleeding into them. The leather on the back is the same tumbled style as cardinal VIIs. I took pictures with and without flash to show the difference but Istill haven't mastered this new camera yet. In person these are amazing.
I like them. Had they released with the OGs, by today they would've grown into a classic like the Bordeaux 7. I can see people in 92' rockin these.
so you must be the dude that copped off of ebay for 500, from dude with the "4" feedback rating???
thats a great pick-up for that price, for a shoe that noone has.. nice
Atleast back then they were sensible enough to scrap ridiculous colors like these....in the past 5 years these would def. have been approved by the moronsrunning the brand...
I'm sorry but those things are ugly. Considering they are one of a kind its a good pick up for the price. (If your into that kinda thing)
Interesting. I don't get why the purple was thrown on the shoe with black/red/green and white but nice find nonetheless.
Glad they never dropped.

Hope JB doesn't get a bright idea to release them...
Thank God they never released these... These are horrible, but if you a collector, they'll be good to have...
I wish they used that same nice leather though, then maybe the jordans we buy would actually be worth what we paid for
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