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Dec 8, 1999
Jordan Brand would like to hear from you!

An article on fake Air Jordans will be featured in the upcoming issue of Jordan Brand magazine, scheduled for release this September, and we'd like you to be a part of it.

We want to hear about your worst fake sneaker experiences.
Feel free to share any story you like.

If you're having trouble thinking of something, here are a few ideas:
  • What's the worst pair of fake sneakers you've ever seen?
  • Have you or a friend ever bought a pair of fake Jordans and wished you hadn't? Why?
  • Has a friend ever considered buying fakes and asked you for your opinion? What did you say?
  • Have you ever played ball in fakes or seen someone who has? What happened?
  • Are you a fake detective? Do you call out people who wear fake Jordans?
  • If you wouldn't be caught dead in fake Jordans, tell us why!
Please post all of your submissions below - and be sure to include your email address if you'd like your story to be considered for the next Jordan Brand magazine.

If you don't want to post your story and email address on NikeTalk, or you don't have a NikeTalk account, please send your submissions to JordanBrandMag@yahoo.com

We'll be accepting submissions until the end of May, but don't hesitate too long. If you blow us away and we receive enough great submissions, we might be forced to shut down early.

If your story is selected, you'll be contacted by a Jordan Brand representative.

We're eager to hear from you!

fab4: I would delete that comment... but then I'd just be proving you right.

This isn't about exploiting NikeTalk. Trust me, Jordan Brand could easily get submissions from anywhere.

Personally, I thought NikeTalk members would jump at the opportunity to appear in the magazine. Hopefully, many of them will prove me right by sharing their unique stories and experiences with us.

As far as censorship is concerned, Nike has only asked us to remove content ONCE over the course of the site's three year history - and in that instance, someone had posted images that were stolen directly from Nike.

If you don't want to participate, that's certainly your prerogative. However, let's try to keep this in the proper perspective: Jordan Brand doesn't have to involve the NikeTalk community. We all love it when they listen to our input on what colors or retro models we like best, right? So why not look at this as another sign that Jordan brand is interested in hearing what you have to say?

I'm looking forward to everyone's submissions, and I hope to see some of our fellow NikeTalkers' names and stories in print.

Thanks and good luck to everyone who participates!


Nothing could explain the horror on my face when I first saw the gazillion fake color's of the XI's. A classic shoe, my favorite Jordan destroyed. I sat there staring in daze at my computer screen at these so called exclusives'. White/Blue, White/Red, Silver, Yellow... every color you'd find in a bag of skittles. How dare these people destroy the legacy of the XI. Then not only did they make new colors at horribly low quality, they started manipulate original colors, the classic colors. The concords never looked so gastly when I saw them in variant form. The Space Jams, Blk/reds all turned horribly wrong. Why the XI, I thought, why did they have to go and kill a legend....

Chazz Robinson
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This is great. Meth I have around 5 stories that I could submit, should I submit them seperately or together? I have some people employed for me, who have experiences to share also, but they are not registered here, I'd like to represent my company as a whole, so could I compile the stories, link them, and then do one big submission?

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You can submit them any way you'd like, together or separately, just as long as you include the name of the person or persons responsible for each story.

Space is really at a premium here, though, so while all five or however many stories would each receive an equal chance at being submitted, it would be somewhat unrealistic to expect for all five to appear in the same issue.

Hypothetically, if one were to appear, whoever you've attached to that one story would likely get the credit.

If you have a story that's a group effort, then I would imagine that the entire group would be credited for it.

I am sure, though, that we would need each person's contact information. In the event that a story is selected, the individual must be contacted for the purpose of completing consent forms and the like. I can understand why you might not want to post that information on the board, in which case you should feel free to submit that information, along with each story, to JordanBrandMag@yahoo.com.

I'm sorry I can't provide you with more definitive answers, but keep in mind that if you're contacted by Jordan Brand, you can certainly discuss these issues at that time - and get the type of concrete answers that I can't provide on my own.

Please do share the experiences of your coworkers, we'd love to hear from them whether they're NikeTalk members or not.

Thanks for participating!


Well, In Cleveland, Ohio where I reside, there are a lot of fake Air Jordans. I've seen more in the last year more than ever before. Me personally, I could never wear a variant because in most cases, you're paying more of your hard earned money doing whatever you do everyday to get by on something that's not authentic. These aren't Jerseys or hats, these are shoes, so authentic takes on a different meaning. I wear my Air Jordans and other Nikes to work because I'm in a retail situation where I'm called upon to look nice and present a certain image to our clientle while on my feet all day..........I don't know if I could trust variants to hold and comfort my foot like the real thing..........and like Marvin said a long time ago, It's nothing like the real thing baby!!!!
The worst pair of fake jordans that i ever saw was the rainbow color retro 8's. My boy Deon had them on and they matched kind of good with the Marcus Camby swingman but i just didn't like them, they were just too bright, plus you could really tell that they were fake. He asked me how did they look and i told him that they were nice! I didn't want to hurt his feelings by saying that it was one of the worst colorways i had ever seen in my life so i just let it go. I educated him on fakes so he already knew that they were variants. He does it mainly for style, after all the Nuggets Camby Rewind Swingman did kind of do the shoes some justice. :rofl:
-Jermar Harris 1st Story.....
Personally, the worst pair of variants i've seen are the AJ IV. You don't mess with a shoe like that. Being educated through certain websites, i've never bought a pair of fakes. I always had an "eye" for variants and I make sure to stay away.

A friend has bought a pair of variants, despite me saying he shouldnt have. He's still happy with them, and trust me, I tried many different excuses as to why fakes are bad. I've never seen anyone play ball in fakes, but I dont think I want to. Those are the types that show off what they got, and what they got is weak. No one wants to see a fake pair of shoes running up and down the court.

Again, I always had the eye to see if a pair of shoes was fake or not, but I won't call a person out if they were variants. Its not my style. Let a person make their own mistakes. If you aren't my friend, you won't see me telling you that you're wearing a knock-off.

all boycott​
I work in an urban mall so I see fake shoes ALL of the time. I've seen just about every colorway imaginable of the 8s. The 7 fakes are out there also just not as much. Ive seen both the 7s and 8s in rediculous colors with a fake jordan autograph on the toe. Ive seen fake 18s in all sorts of colors from the normal white/royal/red to black/yellow and even all red. You know its bad when they have fakes of shoes that dont drop for almost another 6 months. The 18.5s in black/red? Umm I dont recall seing samples of those. I've seen miscolored 9s, 10s, 11s, 16s, 17s, and even 15s (though I wonder why somebody would bother to fake a not so nice on the eye shoe). One last thing I cant forget is the fabric replacement. You know the gucci, coogi, and burberry print where leather should be.

When I see them I laugh. It might be out loud depending on whether Im with a customer or not. Its just silly. Its getting so bad that kids come in with their parents looking for variant colors of certain shoes. People I know try to argue with me all the time about how its ok to rock fakes. My comeback allways kills them. I simply ask them "Would you rock fake clothes?"

I bought a pair of fake jordans before but i didn't regret it at all because i never really got the chance to. What i mean by that is i only wore them 6 times and after that i put them up. The day i received them in the mail i wore them and educated people about them. When people asked about them and where did i purchase them i told them where to go because if i wouldn't have done it somebody else would have done it. I tell people the difference between variants and real sneakers because alot of people seem to not realize the difference. More people at my school buy variants now because i was the second person to actually buy a pair at my school but my friend Deon had a real bad experience with a pair that he bought because he played ball in them and after that his shoes were totally messed up and he will tell anyone to this day if you want some shoes that will last do not buy fakes. I own 1 pair of fakes out of the 34 pairs of shoes that i have in my collection and i will tell you from experience, i love some of the colorways that they produce because they be on point and nike/jordan brand needs to realize this but i can't wear them for a long time because they have no kind of comfort or support. :smile:
-Jermar Harris 2nd Story
Alot of people ask me whether they should buy fakes or not because i am considered to have the most knowledge about sneakers in my hometown. Like i said before i tell them about variants and after that it is all up to them on whether they want to buy them or not. I do not hate on variants at all, even though all of these colors and models that are being produced are unnecessary, I leave the choice to them because i cannot tell anyone what to do. :smile:

-Jermar Harris 3rd Story
Being a Jordan shoe head myself, i have to be careful of what i buy nowadays due to fake Jordans that are being sold on the market. Over the years ive had to train my eyes to spot the flaws in these so called Air Jordans, from the outrages colors schemes, shoe tags, to the disfigured form of the shoe. When buying shoes now i have to think twice and take carefull look at what i am buying. Alot of people who own these type of shoes dont even know the truth behinde their shoes. They casually walkin around proudly wearing a pair of what they belive are Jordan Brand products when actually they are just cheap replicas. Many rappers, celebritys, and even athletes are caught in the varient web of fakes not knowing. On the other hand many wear these proudly even though knowing they have a cheap bootleg version of a classic shoe wich bears the title "enginered to excellence" wich obviously isnt the case for fakes. Be careful of what you buy nowadays, make sure to keep a sharp eye out for questionable shoes an "JUST SAY NO TO FAKES!"

Nick Soriano,
proud owner of Authentic Air Jordans

I have never played ball in the fakes that i have because i already knew what the results would be but my boy Deon knows the results and after you play ball in variants believe me the results are terrible because they are not made to play in and all of them are made of cheap material. :tongue:

-Jermar Harris 4th Story
No, not at all.
If that is what they want to do then they can do it because that is there decision. If i ever decide to purchase another pair in the future or pull out the ones that i already have and someone bothers to call me out then i will tell them that it's cool and i know that they are fakes. If they continue to call me out after my response then i will most likely go off. Continuing to call people out is not even called for and if that is the persons decision then that is there decision. If you think that person don't know about variants then you can whisper it to them or something but if you put the wrong person on front street then you are taking a risk of getting messed up in front of alot of people! :D

-Jermar Harris
5th Story
Alot of people especially on this board will tell you straight up that they will never be caught no where in fake J's! I love jordans and i will continue to support this man by purchasing a pair almost on every release date. I buy all kinds of authentics but if i happen to see a pair of variants that are very nice and are not available to the public eithe i will buy a real pair and have someone customize them or either i will buy a pair of variants! :wink:

-Jermar Harris
6th Hour

the air jordan...seen by many as the most prestigious athletic shoe ever thought up. i am one of those many who agree with that. i am one who faithfully dishes out well over a $1000 a year on a series of shoes that bears the name of a man whom i have never met, let alone seen in person. thats how truly mystical and magical the air jordan line is... and sadly, the introduction of fake jordans to the market has taken away from the jordan persona. i used to be able to spot a fake from a mile and half away. and now, unless its a color that i know is not coming out, it is getting harder and harder to spot them. i see people daily who are wearing these imposters and think they are real, and exclusive. its too bad they cant feel the joy i feel everytime i get a new pair. recently a close friend of mine told me he was planning on buying some fake 18's. i pleaded with him not to buy them, he asked for reasons why he shouldnt. i said "they fall apart, missing technology, not worth the money, horrible quality, and they just arent real" his reply was "so, so, so, so, and so" i was reluctant to give up, i then said "this isnt like buying fake gucci or a fake rolex....man...these are JORDANS....i dont know what else to say....jordans...these are just different" there was something about that comment that got him, and right now he is no longer debating on buying those fakes. by stopping one person from buying them , that stops a chain reaction of people from buying them. so everyone reading this who appreciates jordans, feels hyped go out there early on them chilly saturday mornings, loves the scent of some new 11s, and loves untying that "virgin knot" for the first time, needs to drop this magazine right now and go out there and stop someone from buying some fakes....

yours truly....Jon Wheatley

****to clarify to people....it is different than buying fake gucci or rolex because EVERYONE knows those are out there and know how to spot those ..but jordans.....not everyone knows that fake jordans are out there....thats what i meant by them being different


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The worst pair of fake jordans are anything with gucci or louis vutton material on them. This makes the shoe look horrible. The colors dont even match properly. When i saw the different types of material on the xi's i was shocked. I saw colors of xi's i never saw before with gucci material, which made it look horrible. I've heard that all the fakes are not even comfortable. There shouldn't be fakes because they ruin the shoe... and ruin a legacy of Air Jordan.
I work at a shoe store, and seeing as how we carry a lot or shoes, including jordans, i see a lot of kids coming in wearing fakes every now and then. The worse would have to be when i was organizing the shoe wall, and this guy came in my store, asking me to peep what he had in his bag. What did i see?, a pair of fake jordan 18's. He asked me how they were fake, and i clearly just told him that the Black/Sport royal colorway hadn't even came out yet, and that JB was not going to make a pair of Ginger/Sport Royal 18's. The man then asked if he could sell the shoes in my store. I simply said no, and he left after arguing about how nobody could tell those shoes would be fake........nobody would want to buy REAL ginger/sport royal 18's anyways

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"Damn dawg, look at those crazy kicks!" some stranger yelled, as i looked back, there the crazy kicks were- Air Jordan XI with the famous fake Gucci prints. I snickered, and moved my sight to see who this cat was, like i suspected, a typical high school student wearing fake gucci visors, polos, and jeans. I felt disgusting, and seeing everybody were on his sack, i decided to crash the party. "Hey, where did u get those fakies from?" I asked. "Fakes? Dawg theses are customized kicks ! better know something before u speak." He replied angrily. So i talked back, "O yea? well lets see, the shape of the shoe looks weird and those carbon-fiber plate looks riduculous, and lemme guess, they are factory variants i assume?" He started talking with a confused look,"Umm, yea. I got them from Ebay, i paid 200 bucks so they cant be fakes!" I almost laughed out loud cuz his face was so hilarious, but i held it and say, "keep telling urself that" and left with a smile on the face, i felt the pride of being an authentic J's collecter.
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