Was this a common problem with OG XIII's (link / pics)

LOL :rofl:
ahaha wat the hell happend to it?
it fogged up but im pretty sure people clear it out with a blow dryer. but ive never done it
mine look just like that :lol:

i heard the blowdryer on it works

i tried it before and it really did clear up
but 5 minutes later it turned spermy up inside that bubble again :frown:
not to hate butt...your sig says it all...lol, that EVENTUALLY will happen to all OG XIII's. It happened to my away playoffs...if you were the winner of the auction, when you receive the shoes, just grab a hair-blowdryer, put on high and blast the hologram. Itll make the fog turn into water droplets, but it will eventually fog up again :lol:
, they look fine i mean they are about 10 years old whats a little fog gonna do?
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I have the same problem is the blow dryer really works?
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^ cosign with him. All XIII has this problem.
WELL, ALL shoes have problems, don't they?

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Yellowing: Vs, XIs
Ugly: a lot, IIs, XVs, XVIIIs for my case, VIIIs
Even the legendary durable and still wearable Is have problems: Its old fashioned design and low tech.
Apparently the only pair that FOGS is one and only XIIIs.

Wow... This is kinda fun, listing out every cons that AJ shoes have. Should I start a thread on this?
I have The White/Blacks (as pictured) and The Black/Black (playoffs) both of their bubles are as clear as day. The rubber on the outside of right toe on the playoffs is starting to seperate slightly, but Im going to glue that. The Left White/Black squeeks, but I dont mind it. Also, the black felt-like material on them kind of crumbles. It'd be interesting if they used nubuck or all the same leather. Other than that, they're fine. Love them to death.
nothing extremely wrong with it, i mean theyre 9 years old... something's bound to happen, and like others said, i heard the blow dryer works
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i think it's hilarious it's called a cataract, i've been laughing for a minute
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^^^^its not a defect noob, iits just a natural thing that that just will eventually happen to all shoes...just like yellowing of clear soles and nets
That's the only thing I dislike about the XIII. Good thing my playoffs are clear.

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Damn.........Looks like the cloud thats over my old high school football field super early in the morning........i know that happens, but i didnt know it was that bad, lmao
its not a common problem but it does happen to some og owners

i still have my og black/red xiii and it never happened to my hologram
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I dunno what happened to everyones shoes on here but I've had my og flint/blues for almost 10 years and my hologram is stil visible. looks nothing like that. Btw, my XIII are by far and away the most durable J I have ever had. I need another pair.
2396Bulls: even more durable than the XIIs?
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Hmm that's funny because I have all the og 13s in the high top form but the black toes are the only ones that have fog on the hologram the other 4 pairs are still clear as can be
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