#+$ Was Tip doin in this video??

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say what u want... i wasnt a fan of his music until 24s... trap muzik TI and im serious TI are like 2 totally different rappers...
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in retrospect, this album is a dated mess.. it just sounds like one big "this was hot in 2000" fest. but the realest tip song of all time is on there:
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Some *%$% just aint funny til a *#%#@ point it out I seen this video hella times and never laughed this hard

But yea song was fye
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Originally Posted by MusicalExcellence

Originally Posted by ILLIONAIRE

Originally Posted by blacklion23

Though this single sucked
it did tho...

who's bright idea was it release a single where u cant even understand the damn words on the hook?

c'mon son...
Yeah that's why Sean Paul never had any hits

Dude had people mumbling his lyrics every summer. C'mon son
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u can actually understand sean paul...

hell u can understand beenie man SOMETIMES... this just wasnt one of them times... the melody of the hook aint even catchy...
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Song and album was/is crack

Vid is jokes tho'. That's back when t.i.p  used to run around w/ solid gold toothpicks.
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tip career really is .. ummm how do i ask this , okay between which years did he declare he was the king of the south
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Naw, there's nothing dated about ''Still Aint Forgave Myself'', ''What Happened?'', ''Dope Boyz'', ''What's Yo Name?'', ''Heavy Chevys'', ''I Can't Be Your Man'', ''I Choose You'', or ''Hotel''...

...them #$%$! still slap.
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