Week 5 Appreciation! Air Jordan V, Collections, Gear, WDYWT!


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Like every Air Jordan, the V took Mike to new heights. Including a 69 point performance against Cleveland. It was also one of the first times we got to see The "Player Exclusive" on anybody. You see, Mike's versions had a #23 stitched on the sides. Only about 100 each are rumored to exist in the white/black and black/silver colorways. See, even back in 1990 Nike was ahead of its time.

This Jordan also holds a special place in my heart as it's the "one that started it all" for my addiction to shoes. I remember going school shopping, and my mother asking me what I wanted for school shoes. I pointed to the original white/black/fire-reds. This was a shot in the dark since the only thing I rocked before J's was slip on coasters from Mervyns. After begging and pleading with Moms, she cracked and I soon had my first pair of J's. To this day, it remains the only Jordan I wore so far into the ground that I had no choice but to throw them away.

With them upcoming releases of new colorways as well as older OG models, I'm happy that they're coming out once again. Here's what I have so far:

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very nice ijapino. i'm happy to be getting my first couple pairs of V's this year and next. wish i could post pics of my own, but i will be able to play along in these appreciation posts one day


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again ILJAPINO i hate you for owning another pair on my hitlist in my size. i just let go of a pair of 2000 retroes that i shouldnt have let go of. thank god i don't like the 6s too much so you won't break my heart next week.
looking for these in a 10-11
white/red patent air flight 89. FA exclusive (vnds-ds)
black/cement/red '99 retro 4s (nds-vnds)
black/cement 3s (vnds-ds)
black/royal penny 2 (vnds-ds)
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Here is a recycled pic, Ima put a newer one up soon

The laces are black, its just cuz of the camera
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Cheers to one of my top 3 favorite Jordan shoes ever.

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I love these posts. Unfortunately for me I have no Vs. Very nice heat ijapino and Phase2

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The Air Jordan V
-The clear sole
-the 3m tongue

The colorway are crazy
-Black/silver :pimp:

-Fire Red

I can't wait till August because I have never own a pair before.
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Very Nice 5s everyone.
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Here's my contribution, sorry bout the quality, pic is from my phone, since my digi is broke.

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The V's are my second favorite jordan of all time(black/silver colorway is my favorite).
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