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Feb 3, 2002

Mabuhay and welcome to the NikeTalk Philippines Regional Forum.

This thread will serve as a primer* so please read before you post in this forum.

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate and thank all those who made this possible. Several people have invested a lot of their time and effort to put Philippines on the NikeTalk map. I don't need to name names because you know who you guys are.

In less than 4 years, members from the Philippines have increased significantly. We've also had numerous sneaker-related activities which have been recognized worldwide. In addition, the Philippines produces one of the highest volumes of traffic on NikeTalk.com. These are some of the reasons why Philippines has been given its own regional forum. Only one of two countries to have the privilege of running its own forum, the other one being Canada.

Why a Regional Forum?

For years, members from the Philippines have been posting topics which only benefit a small number of people, mostly locals. Many of our viewers are frustrated by these posts which serve them limited/no interest. Local store updates, for example, may be of benefit to 5-20 people, yet they're viewed by tens of thousands and take the space of a post that could potentially be of interest to thousands of people.

Now, lets consider a post that asks where one can find Air Jordan XIVs in the Philippines. This post may be of great value to a few hundred people, but of absolutely no value to a few thousand people. So, how can we BEST channel this post, how can we provide the BEST solution to this legitimate need for this Filipino fan without diminishing the value or enjoyment that our other fans receive from NikeTalk?

The answer is NikeTalk Philippines Regional Forum.

With NikeTalk, our mission was to create the ultimate online sneaker community: a safe, friendly, and respectful place for sneaker fans of all ages and backgrounds. If NikeTalk is the ultimate online sneaker community, the NikeTalk Philippines Regional Forum will be the ultimate online resource for Filipino sneaker fans here and abroad.

What you're looking at now isn't a NikeTalk franchise, a miniaturized and specialized duplicate of our existing community and its features, nor are we merely creating an organ for the NikeTalk body to process specific types of posts. You're looking at a different animal with our Nike Talk Philippines Regional Forum: a sub-community with its own distinct identity that operates in concert with our existing, global NikeTalk community: a place where we, Filipinos, can represent what the local sneaker scene is all about.

NikeTalk Regional Forum will recreate the small, intimate community environment of NikeTalk's early days while adding the dimension of relevance to our country. By harnessing the power of NikeTalk's global community as a means of gathering information and attracting fans, NikeTalk Philippines Regional Forum will prove far more USEFUL to both casual and dedicated local area sneaker fans than could conventional word of mouth or previous online attempts to organize fans in our area.

What posts should be in the NikeTalk Philippines Regional Forum?

1. Any post inquiring about product availability, store updates and sneaker events in the Philippines.
2. Any post of particular relevance to our country that holds only limited or no interest for members living in other regions.(e.g. - discussions about Ateneo Basketball League, UAAP, Philippine Basketball Association, Globe Handyphone, etc.)

Don't think that NikeTalkers from the Philippines are discouraged from posting in other forums. You are all free to participate and be active in any forum you wish to post or reply. Likewise, I welcome non-Filipinos and Filipinos living in other countries to also to take part in this Forum.

Now let's move on to the users.

For the new guys, I suggest that you step up and contribute whatever you can to make Nike Talk Philippines a success. To those who haven't signed up yet, please do so. Don't be intimidated by the old members. We were all at one point, newbies and oddballs in this site. It doesn't matter if you have 1 or 1,000 pairs as long as we share the same passion for sneakers. Now for the OG heads out there, the only thing I ask from you guys is your continued support.

With that said, I'd like to welcome you again to NikeTalk Philippines.

Don't forget that you are still bounded by NikeTalk's Rules of Conduct.

Since the Philippines is known for a country flooded with fake goods, I'd like to remind you that Promotion of fake merchandise is S-T-R-I-C-T-L-Y prohibited.

ANY type of BUYING/HOOK-UP/SELLING offers will be deleted on sight...any members violating the rules will be warned and/or banned. All Buy/Sell threads belong in our Buying and Selling Forums. Please use them. Thinly veiled Buy/Sell posts will not be tolerated.

Lastly, the Administrators and Moderators are pushing for an English only NikeTalk including its Regional Forums. This will make it easier for non-Filipinos to read and understand valuable information on sneakers in our area. Short statements like Mabuhay and salamat are okay but conversations done in Filipino will be deleted right away. I find it rude to actually use the native language in an online community dominated by English speaking members.

Sound good?

What are you waiting for?

Let's get this Forum going!
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