what are the better clubs/bars to go in ny?

lotus is pretty dope.

noca got some good nights sometimes, too.
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I'm not too familiar with NYC, I was only living there for a couple months when I was doing research at Columbia Med School, but I came across this place called The Park that was pretty dope.

Also a little hole in the wall on Avenue A called the Bar on A or something, that was pretty cool too.
BLVD is a good one
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gotta be more specific, NYC is filled wit hundreds of spots..what kind of music? what borough? dress code??
from personal experience...i dont really go to bars, these are all clubs

Pacha - best spot imo for house/trance/progressive, formerly known as sound factory...2nd floor has a small dancefloor playing hiphop/reggae, etc. large venue

LQ's - best spot for all spanish music (merengue, salsa, reggaton, bachata, etc), always packed, and aint nuthin like NYC spanish mamis dressed up in clubbin attire :pimp:
Ive been wondering this myself. Im goin to NY again in August and I wanna find a place thats pretty chill. What are the age ranges for these places cuz I'll be travelin w/ youngstas :lol:
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word i need to find the same thing 18 plus clubs and strip clubs in manhattan
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