What are those Manager-in-training positions like at big footwear companies?

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As in footlocker and finishline, I was wondering what entails some of the things i would encounter if i got a job like this and is it worth the trouble?
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it's basically an assistant manager who can work overtime (unlike regular asst manager, as per company policy usually) and is just working and waiting tillanother store in the area needs a new head manager.

I applied and was offered this position at finishline a couple years ago. they told me I could expect to get my own store within 1-3 years if I perform welland there's openings. Then again I was hella overqualified.
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How much can one make as a manager of one of these stores? How much time does one typically have to put in to even get to this point?
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I would've probably made around 11-13$/hour and OT is where you really make money.

generally to be asst manager at a place like that you just need retail experience and to make a good impression during your interview. for head manager (yourown store) they are requiring college degrees more often now.

for reference, a head manager at footlocker/finishline is the equivalent to a department manager at sports authority, make about as much, similarresponsibilities. head manager at sports authority is much nicer money, cause those stores wreck small shoe stores money wise.
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I was a MIT(manager in training) at Finishlineback in 05-06. Basically I was 2nd in line to the store manager and always being taught to run a store. I think Iwas only paid like $13 an hour, but I had like 8 hours overtime weekly and could get unlimited OT working at other stores

it can work for some folks but I got tired working the big hours while trying to finish school and coach basketball. If you've got more questions PM me
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basically u just a sales associate wit more pay and a better title. at the same time tho you're learnin how to run the store and you may end up gettinovertime
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