What Art Thou Salary Requirements? Vol. Mo Money Mo Problems


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Hey NT fam. I been applying to jobs that have to do with my major (Economics).
Most of them are asking me for a Salary Requirement.
Can anybody guide me in what exactly they want to hear?
Am i the only one that thinks this is kinda rude before them interviewing me? 
I feel like a good looking hoochie. They might like what they see but i might be too much for them to ride 

EDIT: I just received an AA in Economics and i'm taking a year off so i'm looking for work.
Most jobs that i'm applying for are "administrative assistant" 
I meet all of the requirements they been look for so far

I just don't know what to tell them when it comes to the $$$
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Sir San Diego

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Just say signed blank checks or pay me what I weigh and they'll promote you to BOSS within a week and have you in the pimpest of offices.
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Are you fresh out of school? A few years experience? What type of work is it (econ is a broad field). C'mon son, help us help you. Edit- You can always say you'd prefer to learn more about the opportunity prior to divulging your salary requirements.
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don't undersell yourself. oversell yourself and let them come down.

If you nail the interview don't be afraid to tell them you can't accept the current salary but would love to renegotiate and meet somewhere in the middle
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Right now negotiable. At the end of the year when I am done with the CPA exam no way I am working for less than 52 unless I really need the money.
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I tell them "open" and discuss it in the interview. If you don't like the pay they're talking you can move on to the next prospect.
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