What Highschool you from?

Nov 8, 2004
I go to lakeside highschool in seattle. Consequently the famous Daviditz also attends my school! im not kidding around.

Where are the rest of you guys from?
haha thats funny, my brother is a teacher at Lakeside. But in far to old to be in highschool.
I went to the greatest school ever...


Any other Garfield heads other then myself and SoulOnIce206???
Speaking of Martell.... I interviewed him the other day, he's a nice dude.
Speaking of Seattle Prep....my cousin (who really is good friends with martell) just graduated from there....any of you SPrep head know annie laurie?
NBA Champs 2006. You better believe it.
New Port High c'o 04'

Man, this five word minimum is so stupid.
"Kobe Bryant tries so hard to be like MJ its ridiculous"- Magic Johnson
Roosevelt High School, c/o '02. Four years in the world famous jazz band.


Keep Jesus in Seattle
I go to Odea and i hoop for them, jed where u at kid we gotta rep for our school, but anyway i know martell too he is the man and hes bout to kill for portland this year
parkrose? what a joke. hahahah jk dd.

clackamas high school. ahhh yeah..
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Gig Harbor High School class of 08. I was on varsity last year, sixth man. This I'll start though. We are gonna win state for 4A.
Rex Putnam HS, class of 2002. Portland, OR.
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Yo lol itz wella,

you still residing in corvallis? osu?
im there, maybe ive seen you around. holllur =]
Reppin' Team ai.R and TEAM DUNNY!!
AIM: Grlswanaluvalvin
ShoeGuru...i dont live there anymore but its where i was born and raised. I go to school in kentucky now.

You go to OSU? Thats cool to find more corvallis shoe heads
I used to go to McKay HIgh School in Salem, OR. But I just moved to Kennewick WA and now I go to Kamiakin High School in Kennewick. Class of 06 yeah!
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