What is your Download Speed? vol. 2012


Joined Aug 31, 2011
The US's infrastructure SUCKS.

The data speeds of other countries literally takes a dump on us.

There is an insane amount of corruption around the entire process. Its ridiculous.

I can get faster overall speeds in Jamaica.

And despite what people say, geography is NOT the problem.

We don't even have as many high-speed trains as we should.

We need some new-deal like revamp of our infrastructure, FAST.


Joined Jan 2, 2011
Originally Posted by Jordanforever08

how are you guys able to paste those pics up of the test ??? thanks in advance
take test
click "share results"
click "forum"
click "copy"
come back to thread
click "add reply"
right click, click "paste"
click "post"
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y'all dudes are paying for 21Mbps speeds. im at a starbucks with 2.19Mbps download speed
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