What Should I Do w/ My Dog?????

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NT, i caught my dog playing with some baby birds earlier today. i dont know if she was eating em or just playing with them
. but i put her downstairs for therest of the night. i just brought her up to my room now becuase i couldnt let her sleep down there by herself (partly because imma pus and feel bad, and partlybecause i don't want her getting into anything). so i made a fort for her outta some shoes boxes. my question is what should i do next to make sure shesokay?

oh yeah and pics of the current situation:
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Better make a new fort with something else... she gonna destroy those boxes! And i'm speaking out of experience, I let my dog sleep with me last summer...boy destroyed my OldLove/NewLove box!
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Originally Posted by shortydoowopp

a dog fort?

i guess take her to the vet in the morn if you think she could have caught somethin...
how cute a dog fort lol
but yea the vet
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That dog fort is awesome! But, yeah if you are that concerned just call a vet they'll give you over the phone advice maybe?
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liberty spikes. everywhere. that's something I've always wanted to do with my grandma's dog.
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What do you think will happen? My mom has a pug/rat terrier. You should see the crap she eats. Moles, voles, shrews, rats, whatever she can dig up she'llkill it. Your dog will be fine.
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