What to do if your girl reads your texts? Vol. uh-oh

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So yeah I left my phone at my girls place (yes I know
). So now I amgettin emails from her asking me about different chicks I am in class with. There are a few girls who hit me up on the reg, who blatantly do not care if I havea girl or not. There is a few chicks that I entertain with a few flirt txts but in all honesty I wouldn't even dream of smashing just cause I dig my girl.I know my girl read my txts and now she is all suspicious acting. I guess I'll just let this blow over I'm not even going to go down this road withher, you cant reason with broads. No matter what I say I have a feeling she will ignore it and use it against me somehow.

-The Juice
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it's done. trust me. it's done. trust will not be gained back.

you should just murder her. and make sure the glove don't fit
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Originally Posted by Food4Thgt

...at you for leaving your phone somewhere...you should know better..
I know, I know. As soon as I left her place I was like,
. Like I said I am not even going to get into it with her, andjust let it blow over.

-The Juice
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its no comin back... her insecurities just multiplied by a hundred thousand trillion.... she dont trust u... the relationship is over
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Smh I had to text a dude in my class to keep in touch during a class assignment and I suppose his girl read his text messages because she texted me telling mehe can do his own work and to "jock someone else's man" LOL insecurity FTL
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Originally Posted by trapmuzik617

its no comin back... her insecurities just multiplied by a hundred thousand trillion.... she dont trust u... the relationship is over
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Man don't listen to these dudes they prolly never even had a girl let alone smelled the woo woo. U in for some %@!# but u gotta take whatever she dish.I'm a flirt myself and mygirl be on some super sleuth %@!# goin thru my txt records, email, etc. Tell her that u was just flirtin and that u never did, norwill u ever sleep w/ any of those girls.

Now the next part is to diss the girls pd. Mainly the ones who don't care whether or not u have a girl. No respect for ur girl means no respect for u or urrelationship. Cause if they break yall up, they gon say "oh well, tough break" and act like they had nothin to do w/ it.

Take this from somebody who's been down this same road many times over.
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Lol yall are makin it way worse than it is..I cheated on my girl the first 3 months we were together and she found out...

Now we will be together 2 1/2 years in a couple of months...so it all depends on how bad each of u wants this to work..

put em up

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Don't listen to this dudes talking bout its over...these the same dudes that can't be in a relationship for more then 4 months. Like you said,she's gonna talk her crap. Just stress to her those broads don't mean nothing and its not that serious.
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dump her . her goin thru ur phone means trust wasnt there to begin with cuz , and now its shot to
. ur relationship is a wrap son
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Having a passcode on your phone FTW.

Not being a douche in the first place even more FTW.
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I'm emailing her right now and seems like everything is fine. But she is probably waiting to drop a bomb on me. IDK we will see. I see where she is comingfrom. I would be PISSED if I saw she was flirt texting (double standards FTL/FTW?) but the thing is I would NEVER read her texts.
-The Juice
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damn not even a girl friend, but any girl it seems like im with at the time grilles me anytime my phone buzzes

Deleted member 41978

i picked this advice up from NT -

set up a convo with someones phone goin back in forth of how the girl 'texting' wants you to smash but text back saying how much you love your girl andwhat not..

%+%% actually works.
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im in the exact same position.

like everyone else said. The trust is lost. But you can still rebound. all you have to do is keep it straight.
keep your head cool, and tell her they (or you) was just joking. Let her regain her trust in you again.
Do some trustworthy

like passin on goin to the bars with your friends to hang with her, or prove one of the girls is a legitimate friend.

and most of all, learn to delete text, ALL of them, sent AND receive.
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