Whats good in Kauai, Hawaii?

Joined May 20, 2006
Any Nters there?  Is there even a regional forum for Hawaii?  There should be.  anyway, where are the shoe spots?
  Nightlife? restaurants?
?  someone hook me up!
Joined Mar 23, 2002
You best head to another island if you wanna do that stuff. Kauai is meant to be a R&R island. There's very little in the way of shopping much less shoe spots. And sorry... the only nightlife to speak of would be the luaus you can go to.
Joined May 20, 2006
Originally Posted by tecca nena

Man i hope your not staying there longer than a week
Why is that?
Is anyone here on that island or know someone on thtat island?  I can offer some financial incentives if anyone wants to help me out with something.
Joined Apr 1, 2007
that island is hella small...and theres pretty much nothing to do there. unless you like the beach and other outdoor type deal.

nightlife? just fly to oahu.
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