Whats the best Nike Outlet

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If ur ever in the area a slept on store is the Nike Clearance Store 140 W. High St. Centralia, WA 98531 • 360-736-7434
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Originally Posted by DEpast

Originally Posted by GetMoneyG

smithfield outlets n NC aint worth squat
.. always got heat in HUGE sizes though

I did buy eight pairs of B-Grade Grapes there though, a few months after release.

All size 11 for $90 a pair. The manager looked at me and my boy like we were crazy.

Little did he know . . .


true that. i bought like 15 lol. told me 8 was the limit.. took them to car, came back in and bought 7 more. next day.. came and bought like 5 more lol. good times.
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Originally Posted by AJ Kickz

Do all outlets get samples?

Niagara Falls, NY gets a good amount of samples, but always 6 months late. They had gucci dunks, some lebron samples. My girl wears a 7, so she's always rocking heat from the sample department. AM 1's and 90's that no one has for $25-40.

Mens gets picked over quick, but some stuff rots on the shelves. I got AM 90 boots for $15, and Nike Air Zoom Flight Premiums for $20 (2x).
all outlets get samples, its just a matter of how good the samples are...heat or no heat.

pretty much any clearance store if you keep an eye out and any outlet in florida
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Originally Posted by Spradley

every now and then Tanger outlet in Georgia....
I wasn't too impressed with that one. And all of the ones in the northeast are kind of weak too. I went to one in NH back in the day that had some decent stuff.

The ones in Delaware were ok, but I wouldn't say anything special.
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Originally Posted by juliofranco

If ur ever in the area a slept on store is the Nike Clearance Store 140 W. High St. Centralia, WA 98531 • 360-736-7434
Found this one to be hit or miss...but when you hit it can be real good....plus things are super cheap

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OK...for Polo and Nike in Orlando, Prime Outlets (I-Drive) or Premium Outlets (Vineland)? I'm in town but will probably only get to one.
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Kissimmee first-timers gotta keep in mind it's hit-or-miss, so don't walk up in there with a big grin on your face thinking you're about to come up.
It's almost a goldmine if you're size 14+ though.

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