Whats The Biggest Sporting Event You Ever Attended?

Jan 9, 2007
I was curious about whats the biggest sporting event everyone attended..
I never been to anything major but I have high hopes on going to the 2010 NBA ASG
Game 7 2003 ALCS, Red Sox vs Yankees, a.k.a. "The Aaron Boone Game".

I was also at Brett Favres last game ever (
, being that I am a Jet fan).
2005 Orange Bowl National Championship (Oklahoma/USC) is probably the biggest... ...but the most exciting was Game 6 of the 2004 ECF when the Pistons beat thePacers to advance to the Finals.
NLDS between Mets and Dodgers at Shea Stadium. First-ever playoff game I attended and the atmosphere was just crazy.
A Harlem Globtrotters game, where the guy never made the behind the back pass

State championship basketball tournament. My high school girls one, my cousin played
dodgers phillies nlcs games 3,4, and 5 angels yankees game 4 2002 alds when the angels knocked the yankees out the playoffs.
game 2 lakers vs blazers 2002 1st round, game 4 lakers vs timberwolves 2003 1st round.
...but for real I been to a few Wizards games

I plan on going to see the Caps play next year and I want to see the Yankees play when they come to town next time.
Angels Giants World Series...game 5 I want to say? The one where Dusty Baker's kid got swooped by JT Snow.
2000 World Series Game 1 Yankees vs Mets at Yankee Stadium - jose vizcaino
armando benitez

Summerslam '91 - match made in heaven/match made in hell...yes I remember it...Macho Man gets married, Hogan and Warrior beat those Saudi dudes

was at the game when Jerry Rice caught his last TD...Jets vs Seahawks
Lakers vs Kings WCF 2002 Game 6
Raiders vs Jets MNF on my birthday (my fav)
Had 2 free tickets to the all star game in Vegas but couldn't go
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magic home game versus the lakers
I went to a Magic-Lakers game but that was 6 years or so ago when Mac and Shaq were both playing.
Every Nets playoff game while Kidd was on the team.

Two NBA Finals

Mets vs Dodgers game 1 nlcs at shea

Jets vs colts wild card game - 41 - 0 jets

Mets vs Boston - first ever PROFESSIONAL baseball game played at Citi Field

US Open tennis.
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