Whats up with Vancouver and sizes?

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I wear a 11.5, not the best size when looking for sneakers. In ball shoes and Jordans they sometimes got 11.5. In most forces, no 11.5 so I go to a 12. But I was looking for some Zoom TR's and they didn't have one 11.5 in the whole city, whats good with that? I can't go up a size cause I'll be moving in these so they gotta be lock down.

When I buy shoes in the states I never get this problem, guess I'll have to order online again. smh

Yeah this is a vent post. Anyone else with this problem?
Joined Jan 14, 2006
New Age Sports can't order it for u?
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I know for our stores, we stopped ordering 11.5, as we did an inventory focus and found that of all our mens stock remaining, 11.5 was by far the least purchased size. So we now go 11, 12, 13. Special ordering is available, and most running we still carry in an 11.5....but basketball and leisure, not so much.
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