What's your favorite food/resto?

Mar 28, 2006
Hey guys, haven't been posting lately. Been trying to save money because my tricycle broke down so I had to save money, which meant I couldnt use the internet. Anyways, my tricycle is back and running and business has been good so I'm back. Anyways, just wanted to see what is your guys' favorite food/resto. I love Dencios. I usually go to the one at Eastwood Libis, near the Blue Onion. I like their krispy pata and sisig. What's your favorite? Lets get pics up!



No pics.

In no particular order.

Circles Makati Shangri-la
Paseo Uno Mandarin Oriental
Cafe Havana
Teriyaki Boy (my son loves the chicken)
Mexicali (combo # 6 with ice cold beer)
Dairy Queen Gateway (my source of good milkshake)
Mickey D's Twister Fries with Sarsi float (no ice)
Tony Roma's (star studded sampler)
Chili's (appetizer combo)
TGI Friday's (Mushroom Chicken Mushrooms)

and more...
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Hotel buffets!

Plus, of course, mcdonalds, kfc and jollibee.

Frio Mixx's Shake-A-Moo > Whatever frappuccinos and shakes.

And my mom's saturday home cooking specials!
Think of all the possibilities.
The Big Chill's avocado shake
Burger King near Mabuhay Rotunda serves the best double whopper with cheese sliced in half. Triple by pass juicy yum yum!
CPK minus the worm
Frio Mixx's peach iced tea
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What? I'm still the same.... and my feet haven't grown.

Anyway, I also love the country fried chicken in Chilis. :pimp:
Anyone ever been to INENGS in Makati? Some little barbecue joint. Its really good...
aysee's for sisig (dunno kung tama spelling coz long time havent eaten there)
molo's for bulalo steak and flaming tapang baboy ramo
mcdo for suasage and egg mcmuffin
niko niko in la habra for sushi
circles for everything
las paellas for oysters, french onion soup, paella, pollo al ajillo
kamayan sa palaisadaan in tayabas,quezon
exotic in longos kalayaan laguna

here in manila

yun sa macapagal
sea side ba yon..i forgot the name
masarap kc fresh from the night market near the resto..para sa mga sea food lovers.yummy!
CPK minus the worm


I'm a big fan or Lurings BBQ. Anyone ever try that? Its a kapampangan joint.


RAZON'S for their Pancit LUGLUG and HALO HALO! The halo halo is best at their Robinsons Place Ermita location!
some peeps have told me that sisig hooray in riverbanks is really good. just saw it when i went to the nike outlet before but havent tried it personally
I like the Bicol Express and Halo-halo of Little Quiapo...

Sisig, Tuna belly and pusit at Gerry's grill...

Sizzling Seafood at any food court...

Shrimp, Shark's fin dumpling and Spare ribs rice at Le Ching...

Squid balls at ODD Balls...

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Circles (ofcourse)
CPK (chicken chopped salad)
Chili's (what is it called? the Salad with deep fried chicken breast and the salad is somewhat oriental style)
Brother's burger (Brothers pounder+Fries+choco milkshake=flabby abs :lol:
Hyatt hotel's japanese buffet
Outback (kookaburra wings)
KFC (for my regular fix of chicken)

* basta any roast, grilled or fried na chicken :rofl:
isaw baboy/bbq sa UP near ic
tasilog sa rodic's UP
tomyum sa mommy's thai canteen sa UP balara (kaso wala na ata)
inihaw/pinirito na isda sa bahay kawayan
fried mozzarella sa Friday's
tostada chips sa chilli's
prime rib sa highlands
pako sa palaisadan, tayabas
pizza sa trio
yakinuku/tempura sa umenoya, sta rosa
tempura/maki/bacon asparagus bbq sa kikofuji
beef yakitori/tempura sa mori mori
pizza/pasta sa bellinis
fried rice/tempura sa kimpura
inengs bbq sa 8th ave
salpicao sa sugarhouse
pizza sa bravo
sisig sa gerry's
pizza at oysters sa taste of la
steak/chicken wings/bread sa uno
spring fried chicken sa max's
bulalo/bangus sa gloann's sa cavite
dimsum sa gloria maris ghills
salad sa ucc
spereribs rice sa le ching too
kikiam/eel soup/fried rice sa food fare plaza
chicken with tortilla and salsa sa pollo loco
chicharon balat sa lapids katips
liempo sa manang's sa ateneo
pizza/spaghetti sa sbarro
chicken inasal sa chicken house sa bacolod
crispy pata sa barrio fiesta
choco fondue sa old swiss inn
napoleones sa virgies bacolod
fish balls sa core
porter house sa house of minis
lechon kawali bistek at chopsuey sa quick stomach

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you guys make me hungry.......i wish we had those here in new york.....i don't even know where these places are...hehehe....
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My Favorite is WAI YING in Downtown Chinatown and Korean Village in Malate

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yun sa macapagal

^oo yung dampa dun! kaso panget lang yung seaweeds nila...lasang FRESH TALAGA na kala mo pagkakuha sa dagat hindi hinugasan. :x

pero masarap naman dun!!

btw, i forgot Chef's Kitchen at the CSB Caf where some HRIM students have their practicum. The food there is great especially the Fish Fillet w/ Tartar sauce :pimp:

Think of all the possibilities.
^I love going to dampa (Even the new Borakay) to eat steamed oysters and tuna belly with lemon butter sauce.

Krokodile Grill also has good "pulutan food" like bangus belly, and tuna sisig. Right tsiken? :smokin
Used to be G. Sevilla's in Bulacan, but now Marquez in San Jose City has the best Palabok, imho.


sapatos yan, hindi trophy


^ I love the hot chicken salad and the dimsum at Summer Palace.
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