Where can i purchase the Nokia 8801 for a REASONABLE PRICE?

check out this thread, because i asked the same question...

p087.ezboard.com/fniketalkfrm35.showMessage?topicID=801.topicWANTED: Multi/Multi ("DMP") Jordan LE (9.5), Dark Cinder/Bison-Sport Red ("Bison") Nike Dunk Low Pro SB (7), Pecan/White ("Cali") Nike Dunk Low Pro SB (7, 9.5), Black/White-University Blue ("Nubuck") Air Jordan 12 Retro (9.5)
I HAVE: Shy Pink/Vanilla ("Stussy") Nike Dunk Low Pro SB (11), Aqua/Chrome ("Diamond") Nike Dunk Low Pro SB (9, 10), Vanilla/Trails End Brown ("Shanghai 2") Nike Dunk Low Pro SB (7, 9.5), Black/Black-Deep Orange ("Hawaii") Nike Dunk Low Premium SB (7.5)
try howardforums.com on the buy sell trade
ive seen mint used for 350cnd.. but 8801 is dropping since a new 8800 "Sirocco" been out a few months
thanks alot you guys appreciate it :D
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