Aug 5, 2004
Just curious to know how many fellow NT'ers there are in the B-Lo. I bet theres only a handful, since Buffalo is mainly hypebeasts and clueless clowns who buy anything with a jumpman on it. That said, are there any TRUE heads that reside in the 716?
ummm...im not from buffalo. but ill be up there come bills season to our "new and improved????????" buffalo bills....?????????

"i'ma make it do what it do baby."

Just wanted to check in. Buffalo Stand Up.
Az Obicham Maratonke​
Go Sabres!
Lets go Buf-fa-lo!
buffalo :pimp:

im not really a sneakerhead though, dont collect anything, just buy kicks to rock :pimp:
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North Buffalo/ East Side
Az Obicham Maratonke​
Go Sabres!
Lets go Buf-fa-lo!
Yo What up B-LO
I live in the 585 & do some occasional shopping in the Walden Galleria as well as @ Footaction in Amherst. Where all ya niggz buy your jayz?

On another note....I'm cravin a double order of hot wings from Duff's

FT my sz10.5 grapes 4 your sz 9 Holla!!
I know we got more people in Buffalo than this!

Anyways, what was everybody's last pick up?
Az Obicham Maratonke​
Go Sabres!
Lets go Buf-fa-lo!
how is life in buffalo ? i'm thinking of going to college up there (UB) hows the nightlife ? is it dry and boring like most suburbs ?
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So where is everybody goin to get the OL/NL package?
EDIT: Athletes Foot is taking pre-orders.
Az Obicham Maratonke​
Go Sabres!
Lets go Buf-fa-lo!
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